Meet Me Monday: Captain Quarantine

Who is Captain Quarantine?

Captain Quarantine is our everyday superhero. His mission: to deliver positive messages, reminders and helpful tips during Gainesville’s stay-at-home order.

The story of Captain Quarantine:

Captain Quarantine, our germ-fighting, stay-at-home superhero began his heroic journey as a delivery driver. His job was to deliver essential medical supplies such as masks, sanitizer, gloves and more to medical facilities all over Gainesville. These products were in high demand and Captain Q was working hard to continue his essential service with a positive attitude and a smile.

On a busy Tuesday afternoon, our soon-to-be hero was driving on an empty back road when he heard a thunderous crackling in the distance. It was a super soapy space rock from the Super Scrub Galaxy, a galaxy 500,000 light years from Earth. Little did our hero know, this rock would change his life forever.

This soapy explosion didn’t hurt our soon-to-be hero. Instead it fused with his DNA and gave him superpowers and super senses. He could now sense germs, stay-at-home for an unlimited amount of time and even fly!

“I feel different … odd,” he said. “It’s like I can sense all the germs around me. So many germs! I’ve got to wash my hands, and fast!”

“I can fly!” he exclaimed. “That soapy space rock explosion must have given me special abilities,” he thought to himself.

He flew all the way home, ran inside to the sink and started washing his hands.

He knew that he had to wash his hands for at least 20 seconds to combat all of the germs that had accumulated on his hands. He had developed super hand washing ability and could see the germs on his hands being destroyed.

After the 20 seconds was up, he looked down at his hands and they were free of germs! Just like our hero, you too have germ-fighting abilities! All you need to do is wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

Now you know the story of Captain Quarantine! Our hero has teamed up with the City of Gainesville to develop a series of messages and videos to spread positivity, deliver reminders and helpful tips to his neighbors during the stay-at-home order. Stay tuned for more!

Stay up to date with Captain Quarantine reminders by following us on our Facebook page. We are also doing a coloring contest for kids for a chance to win some swag, and be recognized and shared on the City of Gainesville’s social media pages. You can submit entries by emailing a photo on or before April 18 to gainesvillefacebook@gmail.com.