Professor Interview Learning Objective #5

1. Questions List

- What educational background do you have?

- What courses do you teach here at Clemson?

- Have you always wanted to be a teacher?

- Do you have any hobbies outside the classroom? If so, which are your favorite?

- What do you like most about your job here at Clemson?

- What non-academic skill do you think is most important for college students?

- What advice would you give college students both inside and outside the classroom?

2. Interview Notes

3. Reflection

I chose to interview Dr. Hannon because he seems to be a very interesting, smart and extremely cool guy. I really enjoy his class. He makes his class both easy to understand and even gets you involved without you really even knowing. I also found it funny that he writes his own book and you have to purchase it in order to succeed in the class. It is a pretty smart business plan. Dr. Hannon's reactions to my questions did not surprise me at all. I pretty much predicted how he would answer each question before the interview. I knew he was a die hard hockey fan. He grew up both playing and coaching the game. He even coach NHL star Patrick Kane which is pretty awesome. I found Dr. Hannon's view on traveling quite interesting. I do not get to travel much but when I do, I always enjoy it. His enthusiasm when it comes to traveling inspires me to travel as much as possible. After all, Dr. Hannon has been quite successful throughout his career. Also his enthusiasm when it comes to teaching makes me think twice about. Ive never really wanted to be a teacher but the way Dr. Hannon teaches and runs his classes makes it pretty interesting. This interview has just made me appreciate Dr. Hannon even more. I was able to sit down and have a real conversation with him which I found quite entertaining.


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