Unbroken stems from ones own devotion to the outdoors, anyone who celebrates the triumph of the human spirit. It comes off as bold, ambitious and driven. Yet the experience is intimate and personal for all who pursue it. Unbroken believes in taking full advantage of the gift bestowed upon us by our Creator to hunt and fish. We thrive on sharing with others our passion to pursue and harvest these magnificent animals. Rather we are successful or not, we remain Unbroken....


Our Goal is to provide an educational fun loving family show. At the same time, sharing experiences of the everyday quest to be successful.


  • 30 Second Commercial: $2,500 for the year (Runs all 13 episodes on The Hunt Channel 3rd Quarter and digitally year around) Also, (Runs all 26 episodes on Gen7 3rd and 4th Quarter and digitally year around). TOTAL 39 EPISODES!
  • Closing Billboard Spot: $800 for the year (Runs all 39 episodes and digitally year around on both The Hunt Channel and Gen7)
  • Host Billboard Background: Vinyl logo placed $450 for the year (Runs all 39 episodes and digitally year around on both The Hunt Channel and Gen7)
  • Product Tip of the Day: $250 plus product to segment in one episode ONLY



  • Prime Time Any Time from 40+ Million Digital Households
  • Free 24/7 Live Streaming
  • Free 24/7 VOD Library
  • Amazon Fire
  • 60,000 Average daily Live Stream Viewers
  • Over 5 million ON Demand Plays per year
  • Live Stream and On Demand on Roku
  • Outdoorsmen Social Network
  • Apple and Android App Online @ Gen7 Outdoors


  • Need a 30 Second Commercial: $2,500 (plus travel and accommodations) Finished ready to air.
  • Professionally done Product Shots: $20 per photo with 25 photo minimum (plus travel and accommodations)
  • Graphic work: $75 per hr. (logos, billboards, etc.)

www.unbrokenoutdoors.com (under construction and will be up soon) Contact Info: Matt Fazenbaker 301-463-2198 or Bucky Howe 301-524-0692

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