Visual Arts 17-20 Works by the graduates of CCC Ming Kei COllege

This is a harsh year for all of us. But creativity still goes on among our graduates.

In 3 years, they had grown into ways they had never expected. Extraordinary.

Let's take a look!

黃婉虹 Specialist in three-dimensional art form. Vivid colour yet impressive topics.
Chan Lok Yin Wild, passion, energy would be the best describe of this young gentleman.
Lo Wing Hei A sense of sooth from her works. Inspiration from the greenery.
Cheung Cheuk Nam Naive yet thoughtful. Fauve yet well-considered.
劉懿穎 A girl with a long vision and wisdom, drawing scenes from dystopian.
Wong Chu Tim Playful while enjoyable.
Lo Ho Man The bald use of colours recreated his personality through his works, madness and expressive.
李紫雲 Another talented girl specialise on 3-D art form. But this time with provoking ideas and interactions to the audience.
Tong Pui Yu In searching of human emotions. Her works are mirrors of ourselves.
Ng Kam Fong An adventure on terror, thriller and sadness.
Lee Kwok Wing A sense of fashion yet visually impressive and a solace.
Leung Hau Tik Suki A reflection of time and self from a perspective of the younglings.
Lu Man Kit A talented boy with exceptional sense of perspective and striking use of colours. Owning a style at a young age.
Kwan Tsz Fung Justifying the existence of Joker.
Chan Tsz Yin Looking through: peace, loneliness and comfort are found.
Yau Wai Yin A bold representation in politics and everyday life.
Lam Lok Yiu Imagining the consequences of our wasteful lifestyle.
Before HKDSE, most of them painted a sunflower, symbolising their future path is directed to the sun.