Eva Post mortem of the protagonist

Eva is one of the main characters in the book clean. Her mother died which doesn't help her case. I think she believes this place seems to be helping her or she is just trying to get out of this place by playing along.

Head: Eva liked the way things used to be before she moved. She wishes she could've stayed in that moment you can see these emotions on page 35 where she says "Do you remember the world before the dark?".

Eyes: The eyes of our character have seen many sad things. One of them being her own mother being sick and dying. This is shown on page 161-165, Eva says " I just really want her back." She was referring to her mother.
Ears: Eva remembers her father finding what was in her room it was one the most devastating things that has happened to her so far. Eva was happy that her father had finally found out what she had been doing because it was the first time he had actually noticed her. This is shown on page 86, Eva says "she finally got caught. But the truth is she never really tried that hard to hide it."
Mouth: Eva and her father never really talked to each other it says so on page 84-85. They started to drift farther and farther apart it says so on page 85. "He forgetting in his way and she forgetting in hers".
Arms: Eva usually does everything she is told in the rehab facility. I think she really might actually want to try to get better. Things she was told to do and did are the soul box on pages 52-53. Christopher says " Eva is taking this project very seriously." Then he says "After the Ingrid explained the project and sent us on our way, Eva was the first to jump at the supply box and grab all the good stuff."
Hands: Eva went through a very hard time with her father, when Eva's mom died he kind of gave up. This was tough on Eva because it was just like losing her father too. So when it comes to parents day she finally confronts him about it and they work it out. you can see this conversation on pages 211- 222. Shirley says "would you(Eva's dad)(Dr. Jacoby) tell us, how do you feel about Eva's drug use." 222 Eva says " It's not like I wanted to sit here at age 16 addicted to drugs and pain pills"
Heart: Eva loves her mother very much. She also loves her father but thinks he is being selfish by not showing her any attention. It's basically like she lost both parents. you can see this happening on page 160 were she says and I quote " when she died it just gave my dad permission to forget about me so I basically lost two parents at one time."
Torso: Eva liked the drugs that she was addicted to in a sense, saying that she liked the feeling not what she was turning into. She hid the fact that she did drugs. It brings her pain that she lost her mom and her dad stopped showing her any attention. She fears what she was turning into. she says on page 47 "The truth is it felt good. The truth is it was exactly what she needed-getting high and laughing a little, not having to think about all of the things that make her sad.
Legs: Eva likes to be free she shows this when she escapes. Eva and Christopher escape the rehab to get some fresh air. She loved it out there you can see this for yourself on pages 236-242. Christopher says "without saying anything we push together and the door opens just like any other door. no alarms go off the sky doesn't fall, were not sent to hell."
Feet: Eva has been through some very hard times. She moved away from everyone she knew and to new friends who let her try drugs. It shows this on page 44. Where Eva says "She smoked pot with them at lunch that day."


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