The Divine Experience by carter ballard

Walking into the theatre I didn't know what to expect. I was one of the first people to arrive at the theater, and I sat in the second row from the front. Being so close to the stage gave me a great view of the play, and the experience was nothing like I expected. When the lights dimmed, everyone became anxious as we had all been waiting for the start of the play for about thirty minutes. I like how they light up the set of the stage for the first scene before the play starts, as it adds a lot of suspense when you are waiting for the start of the play.

At the intermission, I was shocked at how easily I was encapsulated in the theatre, and how stepping out of the room brought me back to reality. I felt like I was in an entire other world. I attended the play by myself, and being in an audience of strangers definitely enhanced my experience. I had no one to joke with or talk to, so I took the play seriously, and it turned out to be a fantastic performance and learning experience. After the play though I talked about it with some friends of mine, and I found that people who saw it with others rather than themselves had a much different experience.

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Before I watched "the divine" I didn't have much knowledge on the late 1800's during the industrial revolution. It really opened my eyes to the severity of labor during that time period, and how large the gap between lower and upper class is. The actors did such a good job of the performance, I truly felt immersed in the time period. I was inspired at how hard people worked just to support their family members.

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The play definitely depicts topics of hardship that are not per say, the most pleasing, but it shows it in a way that gives emotional background to all the characters, and through acting, allows you to feel the emotions of the actors in the play. If anything, after watching the play I realized that my life isn't so bad after all, and I may not be too far away from achieving the good life for myself.

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