Entry 1: in their shoes

Perspective: Atticus Finch

Today, I gave my daughter a lesson on why she shouldn't prejudge people on anything, and that she should first understand the situation that said person is in. I told her she won't know other people's lives or struggles unless she hops in their skin and walks around in it. I hope she heads this advice, because it will help her be a more compassionate and caring person to those people that she will share the world with. They are good compassionate kids. I feel so responsible for their future. If I mess up their future I will never forgive myself. I hope that I'm doing her and Jem right...

Entry 2: tom tragic tale

Perspective: Tom Robinson

When I was on that stand, actually, even before I got up there, I knew it was over. I knew the jury would rule guilty, even though I have the best lawyer in the whole United States, I knew I would lose and that they would not believe me. I knew this would happen, the lives of my children and my wife ruined forever. Atticus said appeal, but that will probably do nothing. I will probably lose that as well. Simply because of my skin color. Which I find disgusting, but there aren’t many people like me. There aren’t many people like Atticus or his children. But what there are, there are lots of Bob Ewells. There are a lot of Walter Cunninghams. There are a lot of Mayella Ewells. So, when the verdict was finally chosen, I was not surprised, and to be honest I don't think Atticus was either...

Entry 3: Hitler's question

Perspective: Atticus

I don't know what to say. She asked me a question I don't know how to answer. She asked, "Can I hate Hitler?" I said no, but is that right? He is just the leader of Germany, yeah he has hate for many people but he hasn't acted, yet at least. Should the people of Europe hate Hitler? Should the Jews in Poland and Italy fear and hate Hitler? Is hating a hater hate? So many questions for myself. I don't know what to tell her. Hitler is not good but he is a leader of a nation and he got Germany out of the Depression. Should Britain and France be afraid of Hitler. Should the United States of America hate Hitler? Should the United States of America fear Adolf Hitler? Should she hate Adolf Hitler? Should I hate Adolf Hitler? Frankly, I don't know. I guess only time will tell...


Perspective: Bob Ewell

I hate him. I will make him pay. Even though I won the trial I didn't win. Because of him, Atticus. I'm going to make him feel unspeakable pain. Not physical, no, but mentally. He is going to regret ever getting in the way of Bob Ewell. I'm going to hurt and kill those he cares about. He will know my pain. Oh look! There they are now. I'm gonna kill them. Got one unconscious, now for the other one. Someone grabbed me, unspeakable pain. I swing once and miss. They grab my wrist. Is it Atticus? No. It's someone else. He threw me to the ground. I look at my chest, and see a kitchen knife wedged in my ribs. Whoever this was, he will regret getting in the way of my rise, he will regret it...

Paragraph Reflection:

Perspective: Cole Doster

I thought this was a great assignment and I really enjoyed doing it. I thought is gave me a chance to make the story my own and helped me to connect with some of the characters, even Bob Ewell. Although this was my second time reading the book, I know this time I enjoyed it much more. I thought that it gave me the opportunity to make the story my own, which my previous school did not offer. Either way it was a great book and this project was a great way to bring it to a close. It was interesting, thought provoking, and required a basic understanding of understanding other people, which in my opinion was one of the most important lessons in this book.


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