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What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is a marketplace of over 100 million images, videos, motion graphics templates, and more. It's deeply and natively integrated into the Creative Cloud, allowing creatives to submit and license stock assets from directly within CC desktop applications.

Our goal is to build the world's best and more comprehensive content marketplace, both in terms of diversity and quality, with an emphasis on locally relevant content. We are partnering with international media partners to promote our Contributor Program and encourage creatives around the world to submit their work to our marketplace.

Why Contribute to Adobe Stock?

  • Get rewarded by showcasing and selling your work to the world's best creative community.
  • Submit content faster through product integrations (upload from CC apps) and Contributor Portal features like auto-tagging, auto-categories, and Adobe Sign for model releases.
  • Sync your Fotolia account in 1 click.

Adobe Stock Contributor Portal Features

  • Automated Metadata: When you upload an image or video to Adobe Stock, the portal automatically generates the image category and 25 keywords using Adobe Sensei. We do a visual analysis of the uploaded file and compare it to our database of millions of assets to find similar images and assign the category and top keywords from those images. In addition to saving time, this feature can show you best keywording practices.
  • Non-zip Vector Uploads: Now you no longer have to upload a .zip file for vectors. Just upload the original .ai or .eps file, and we'll automatically generate the .jpg preview.
  • Adobe Sign Integration: Model and property releases are a critical part of the stock submission process. You can send and receive releases directly through the portal through our Adobe Sign integration. No more need to carry printed releases or rummage through your inbox to find signed paperwork.
  • Customized Portfolios: Assign a custom header image and merchandize your content by creating custom collections. These collections are displayed at the top your portfolios to help buyers find the best and freshest content.

Types of Stock Contributors

1. Professional Photographer:

Successful, full-time photographer who has made a career from their craft, shooting assignment jobs. They are serious about making money from their work, and stock can be an additional revenue stream for their content.

2. Hobbyist Photographer:

Part-time and/or hobbyist photographer who has a primary occupation outside of photography. They are looking for an outlet to express their creativity and want to be seen and be a part of a creative community.

Basic Submission Tips

These basic tips are designed to get brand new contributors get acquainted with the ins and outs of the stock industry, as well as how to use the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal.

Photography Tips

For more seasoned or professional photographers, we offer creative tips on how to take their skills in specific genres of photography to the next level.

Photo Contributor Spotlight

Here are examples of successful Adobe Stock photo contributors speaking about their journey into shooting stock and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Vector & Illustration Tips

These general tips and tutorials are a great starting point for any designer interested in creating vectors or illustrations for the stock marketplace.

Vector & Illustration Contributor Spotlight

Here are examples of successful Adobe Stock vector and illustration contributors speaking about their journey into creating designs and graphics for stock and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Video Tips

These tutorials are designed for mid-level to professional photographers looking to sharpen their stock video skills.

Video Contributor Spotlights

Here are examples of successful Adobe Stock video contributors speaking about their journey into shooting stock footage and the lessons they have learned along the way.


Below are examples of content published by previous Adobe Stock partners. These are meant to be reviewed for context and inspiration and any topics you’d like to discuss should be adapted and written in your unique voice.

Disclosure & Legal Guidelines

Media partner must disclose their connections with Adobe on EVERY post (profile pages or descriptions are not sufficient). Disclosure should state the nature of the connection (e.g., "paid ad," "#received free product," "#paidpartnership").

Branding Assets

Download banner ad templates, branding guidelines, speakership guide, as well as the official Adobe and Adobe Stock logo on Creative Cloud Libraries.

Recommended Images & Collections

If you need licenses for Adobe Stock, please reach out to your contact on the Stock team. Below are recommended galleries to licensed images.

Additional Resources

For additional tips and tutorials, visit the Adobe Stock Contributor Learn Page, and download our Contributor Guide. For the latest updates and inspiration, visit the Adobe Stock Blog. Speakership guidelines and deck templates can be provided upon request.

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