The Story Behind the Odyssey By Arleth Munoz

The Trojan War.... what was it?

- A war between the Greeks and people of Troy.

- It started when Trojan prince, Paris, abducted Menelaus' wife, Helen.

- When the Trojans refused to return Helen, Menelaus convinced his brother, Agamemnon, to lead an army against Troy.

Start and End?

- War lasted 10 years (1194 to 1184 BC)

The war ended when Greeks defeated Troy by using a large wooden horse as a decoy to get inside the walls of Troy.

The Trojans believed they had received a peace offering from the Greeks.

Major Players in the War?

Connection to The Odyssey?

The Odyssey has to do with Odysseus' 10 year struggle to get home after the big Trojan War. This is an epic poem in which Odysseus goes through a long journey and fights monsters.

Who Is Homer???

Homer was a Greek poet that is known for his two epic poems: The Odyssey and Iliad. His epic poems are based during and after the Trojan War. He used rich descriptions and a variety of figurative language. His works still remains famous in our world today.

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