Exhibit 3: All Tigers can Meditate test anxiety



This exercise was really helpful. I did not find myself sweating, shaking, or having an increase in heart rate, but I could feel anxiety as i was taking the test. The first time I did the 3- Breath System Reboot ( 3-BSR) I felt more energized.I could definitely feel the oxygen saturation rise in my brain. It gave me a sense of alertness for a tough question, but also enabled me to stay calm when necessary and manipulate my stress level.

The second time I did the 3-BRS during the test, I felt confident with my answers. This was a linear algebra test, so there could be only one right answer. I felt a sense of assurance with what I understood and what i had no idea about. The third time I did the 3-BRS is when I double checked my answers and felt more confident to turn it in.

In short, the 3-BRS served as a healthy exercise that can stimulate the mind. When I received the test back i felt accomplished, because i knew how well I understood everything. Not only did it help me identify what was wrong, but it also helped with it's original purpose which was to get rid of anxiety.


For my self-directed portion of this exhibit I chose to practice meditation through a website called Head space.


These are pictures from the website Head Space


This practice of leisure is very similar to what the 3- BRS does. The 3-BRS is suppose to helps you handle yourself during a stressful moment, but I feel that meditation helps eliminate stress and become more in the moment. Just like the 3-BRS, meditation is a breathing exercise that requires you to close your eyes while you are sitting down. The website that I found also helps a person with performance skills, health concentrations, relationship connections and multiple other goals that can be accomplished through meditation. The 3-BRS is good for when tests get to difficult, but meditation is good for when studying gets to difficult. It is also good for when you are having difficulties in many aspects in life. I have not been able to study the different series that the website offers, because you must have level three complete to do so and I am still working on level. Even though I am not able to practices the multiple series offered in Head space, I will still be meditating after the portfolio is turned in.

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