Charles Spurgeon Ownby Born Oct. 5, 1883

Born Oct. 5, 1883 in Dewitt County, Texas to Charles Lee Ownby (born 1854 Bedford, Va) This would make him an "Old Immigrant." Charles Lee may have worked in Texas on a ranch, so he would have used barbed wire and possibly windmills and the mechanical reaper.

1900 Census Charles S. was 16 and lived on a farm in Albemarle, VA. Charles would have used a steel plow on the farm and possibly a mechanical reaper. Most likely, they did not have electricity, so they would not have had lightbulbs or a telephone!

Since he did not live in the city, he would not have lived in an ethnic neighborhood. He also probably did not face discrimination like New Immigrants, since he was an Old Immigrant and originally the Ownby's came from England in the 1700's.

On the census record, he is listed as a "day laborer" at 16 years old so he did not go to high school.

Charles S's grandfather was Charles Pickney Ownby who served in the 7th Co. 28th Virginia Infantry in the Civil War

A young Charles Spurgeon Ownby
WWI Draft Card
WW II Draft Card

Charles S. worked at the Alberene Stone Corporation (a stone quarry) in Albemarle County, Virginia. So, ha may have been a member of the Quarry Workers' International Union of North America (part of the AFL)

1st Row Middle Minnie and Charles S Ownby 1941-45 Era

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