Fish and Chips Dinner Cookbook project

Setting the table final

There are a lot of different foods that connect to different religions. The food I will be cooking for my cookbook will connect to Christianity. This writing will cover what I will be cooking, why I want to cook it and how it connects to religion and when it takes place. There are also some interesting facts about on why Christians cook fish during lent on certain days.

For my dish and my part of the cookbook I will be cooking what is known around the world as a deep fat fried fish dinner. This meal consists of any type of fish in a deep fat fryer and a side or two. My dish will consist of deep fat fried Walleye, french fries, and broccoli. That is what my meals consist of during Lent, and one thing I love is a home cooked meal. Christians eat fish on Fridays during lent and also on Ash Wednesday instead of meat. They eat fish to abstain from eating meat to show a sacrifice similar to Jesus for dying on the cross for us. This meal is made during lent at the homes of families. There are also fish fries for people in towns and cities across the world. There are a lot of different ways to cook the fish for these occasions, but my favorite is the deep fat frier. I know in my hometown there is a community fish fry on Ash Wednesday, and also on every Friday during lent at the community center.

Christians eat fish instead of meat because they are supposed to abstain from meat to sacrifice for Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for us. The practice has been going on for centuries all over the world. Christians are supposed to do so every Friday and on Ash Wednesday, continuing all the way to Easter. Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, which was March 6th this year, and goes until Easter which is Sunday, April 21st. Christians are supposed to participate in this tradition from the age of fourteen until death. Of course, there are some exceptions if people have dietary needs.

Christians have abstained from eating meat since the first century. The reason for doing so was meat was so expensive and delicious that it became something worthy of sacrificing for lent. Fish never has been on the same level as meat from mammals and birds. Also, fish has never been used for any celebrations, so it is something Catholics can eat during lent. As I grew up in the Catholic Church, there were always rumors that we ate fish because the Pope owned a fishing company. People claim the Pope said everyone needs to eat fish instead of meat, so business will always be booming for him. This, however, is simply not true.

Nutrition Facts Final

There are many different reasons people choose to eat fish instead of another food on Fridays during lent. I have learned this by growing up in the catholic church. Also, by the beliefs held by my teacher in Catholic Christian Doctrine, or CCD, which are backed by Chuck Nugent from Owlcation.com.

Going back through time to trace the history of Catholics eating fish, I noticed something a little fishy about it. I always thought that we were required to eat fish during this time. However, there is no requirement in the Catholic religion to eat fish on Fridays or Ash Wednesday during the lent period, and there never has been. The main thing Catholics have to abide by is to abstain from eating meat during this time period. We are to sacrifice eating meat on Fridays for God, as he suffered for us. Fish is simply the only meat they are allowed to eat as a substitute. If a Catholic is a vegan or vegetarian they can, of course, have a different meal. According to Chuck Nugent, “the practice of fasting and abstaining from certain foods is an ancient one that has been practiced by many religions” (Nugent, 2017). Also, Nugent mentions that in the early years of Christianity in Europe, the church had this meal almost only for the rich citizens because the lower class could not afford meat (Nugent, 2017). This is because meat was expensive and the food of choice for many. That is why people choose to abstain from meat—to show they are sacrificing something for God.

Europe continued to grow from an economic viewpoint. This resulted in Europe gaining a middle class. More and more people were able to afford meat, so more of these people could eat meat. Once the lower class could afford meat like the rich people, they could also afford different meats. As a result, they had to start abstaining from meat on Fridays and on Ash Wednesday because they had to sacrifice what they loved (Nugent, 2017).

As the middle class began to grow and time went on, it became time for the industrial Revolution. The Industrial revolution began to grow more and more and it created a population expansion to America. More and more people earned more money and could afford meat and they started eating way more fish on Fridays. According to Nugent, this is the same way that the “aristocrat lords and ladies of medieval Europe” did it. Just to make sure they are following the laws of their faith (Nugent). The last thing he mentioned is that on Fridays during the lent period, cities such as Louisville, Milwaukee, and St. Louis all sold the same amount of fish as the ocean sided parts of America.

With more people eating fish on Fridays, restaurants started selling more fish during this time and people started finding more ways to make money on this part of Catholics abiding by their faith. This is where the church fish fries and city fish fries came into play.

First element that we are supposed to link is individual well-being and it is the fact that people are happy as a person and comfortable. Yes, this meal can make a person happy, but it is supposed to make them sacrifice something as well so it may make a person a little bit uncomfortable.

Second element is social justice. This one fits very well with the history of this meal. The reason is because referring to the above, the lower class could not afford these meals so they had to sacrifice something else. This meal is very much linked to social justice just with the history behind it.

Third element that is linked to this meal is environmental justice. With this meal of making fish it is very much connected to environmental justice because everyone is treated fair in this meal. Even if you can not afford the meal, as a person they can still sacrifice something for God even if they can not afford the meal. No one can be mistreated in this exercise.

Last but not least is religious freedom. The only problem with religious freedom is where you live. Some countries do not allow you to do these things that need to be done for their religion. In some countries it is very dangerous for people to go against their own country and their religion. So as long as you can express your religion freely, this meal can be produced with this religious freedom.

Cooking fish on Fridays is to sacrifice from eating meat for God and can very well be related to the four elements previously mentioned. Each one of them is connected to it by history in some shape or form. It may not even have to be fish, but it just can not be another form of meat. Cooking fish on Fridays and Ash Wednesday during lent has a rich history behind it that can be connected to each one of these elements while being produced. Referring to the beginning of this paper, there are other stories on why we choose to eat fish instead of another item of food, but this is the closest to the truth.

Indigestion Paper

My dish was deep fat fried fish and chips and it was related too how Catholics eat fish instead of other meats on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during Lent. Lent is decided all on the holiday Easter, it is a holiday that has no specific dates. So whenever Easters date lands on you will know that Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter. How the cooking of fish relates to religious freedom, social justice, well being, and environmental justice will be discussed through out this paper.

My meal is connected to “religious freedom” because in the United States people of any religion can do these religious things with out being criticized for. In Saudi Arabia, they can not do these religious things because it is against their laws. It is illegal to practice any other religion but their states official religion Sunni Islam. They are abstaining from eating meat on Friday to sacrifice this for god.

This meal is also connected to “social justice” as well but for the good and the bad. There are also false rumors of a pope pushing the entire roman catholic community to eat fish on Fridays to help the fish markets in England. This is against social justice because it is using the pope’s privilege’s to better the fishing markets. There is actually no research showing that Catholics have to eat fish on Friday. People have just been doing this for so long that they think it is a fact. We are not allowed to eat warm blooded animals because that is what we are sacrificing for God dying on the cross for us. This site National Public Radio mentions in this article also that “a powerful medieval pope makes a secret pact to prop up the national fishing industry that ultimately alters global economics” (Godoy, 2012). Though out this article they mention that it was not the pope actually making this rule but it was actually King Henry VIII. He broke off from the Catholics and created the Church of England. This was so he could divorce his wife and marry another woman. When King Henry did this it really hurt the image of fish so the fisherman were hurting. This is where we get rumors of the pope getting the pact with the fisherman to help them out in their economic hurting. This is why we can say that this has some social injustice behind it.

The eating of Fish on Fridays you could say had some very positive “Well Being” behind it. Knowing that you are sticking to the religion and not eating warm blooded animals for the sacrifice and eating fish or any other food could make you feel good about it. Eating fish on Fridays has some very good reasoning behind it. It is just not proven that we have to do this for god. Sacrificing something that you love though does show you care for god and shows that you will do whatever it takes for god does leave a positive effect on your well being. It can leave you in good spirits and help you make you feel happy about your life.

Eating fish on Fridays does not effect “environmental justice” at all. Eating fish on Fridays for the sacrifice for god does not hurt or help environmental justice. Unless you discriminate upon just Catholics or any other religion for sacrificing something they do to show god their love. This is the only way that the effects of environmental justice could be affected by eating fish on Fridays during Lent. I do not agree with the people that discriminate against someone for practicing their religion. It keeps everyone happy, it helps the fishing business during this time because their sales will go up. It will help the restaurants if they sell fish during this seasons because their sales will go up. It also brings people together. One reason I really wanted to do these papers on eating fish during Lent instead of warm-blooded animals is because of all my good memories at fish fries in my town. People would come together to eat fish together and it just has a positive effect in the air. Also if we did not go to the town hall building we would have my family over to my house for a deep fat fried fish dinner. These are all very good memories for me and shows the there is peace within the environmental justice in this meal.

There are stories that come with this meal, on why we eat fish and how it all came to be apart of the Catholic religion but it has helped a lot of people. Either by economically, religiously, and just by bringing people together. Religious freedom, social justice, well being, and environmental justice all of these things connects to this meal in some way, shape, or form and it is a good thing. Cooking fish on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays during the Lenten season is one of my favorite meals of the year.

Kitchen Time Final

This is all the utensils that I had to make my deep fat fried fish. I used oil for the pan on the stove top. The Shore Lunch is the breading that I used for the fish and the egg was the thing to moisten up the fish. Then the bag of fish is a mixture of walleye and perch. This fish I was able to catch from a lake in South Dakota called Lake Poinsett. My roommate Hunter Behrens fileted them for me with his fancy fileted knife. At this point in the kitchen it smells like raw fish and oil. At the end of this process it smelt like smoke, burnt oil, and cooked breaded fish. My relationship to this kitchen is kind of new, we had just moved into this house so I am still making my way around the kitchen.

Above is the picture of the egg that I used to beat with the fork. I grabbed the fish and put them in the egg and moistened them up.

This is the Cajun shore lunch that I used for the breading and this was the second step to the process of me cooking the deep fat fried fish. I went from the egg to the breading. The breading started to get chunky as the night went on from the fish with egg on it.

This was probably the hardest part of the night. I was going from the egg to the breading to the oil. The oil burned and it smoked all over the place. I had every single fire alarm in the house going off and I did not know how to shut them off. It was very annoying, and I started to cough a lot so I would say this dish is very dangerous. My roommate’s were gone at footballs meetings as well, so I was all alone doing this challenge

This was the plate that I set the fish off that I had finished cooking. The towel is to soak up the left over oil.

This was the fish in the oil that I had in the stove after I heated it up. The one section of the fish that I cooked was really burnt because I was busy messing with the smoke alarm.

This was the burnt section of the fish! I gave these fish bites to my roommates. I figured this was a good picture to have to show people the part you may mess up on!

This was the final of the meal that I cooked. The fish is about half gone because I ate it while I was cooking and my roommates were eating it also while I was cooking it. This is my final of my fish and chips dinner for my roommates. My roommates thought it tasted amazing, they were happy that I made this meal for them. All of my roommates love hunting and fishing so these types of meals they really like. It looks really burnt but it still tastes yummy! It is yummy because the taste of the fish that you caught and the process I went through to make this meal just makes it taste better to me.

Just Desserts

My dish was deep fat fried fish and chips. I think I chose this meal because fish has been such a big part of my life growing up. I always was fishing with friends and family members and I believe that fishing is just a way of bonding and growing close together. The thought of fishing brings a smile to my face every time I think or hear of it. Fish is a big part of the Catholics diet during the lent season. Other than that Catholics really do not have a very stressful diet they have to abide by. That is another reason that I chose this meal because we have fish fries that brings people together and I love when people are together eating food and having a good time. From making this meal by myself to serving it on the table for my roommates, just reminded me how much I love going to catch the fish then bring it home and being able to feed my friends and family. Fish plays a very large role in the Catholics religion. It has been for a very long time now. Fish is apart of the Catholics diet during the lent season and people will abide by that for a very long time. The fish is not the reason we are eating this meal but it’s the fact that we are abstaining from eating red meat for god. We are sacrificing our ability to eat red meat for God because of what he did for us. This meal has a religious aspect to it and it is a very good meal for the soul.


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