My art expedition By tavaisya lYncook

Why did I take intro to art? Well, I took intro art because I like drawing but I also took it to learn new art skills, but also because I thought that it was going to be a lot of fun taking art class this year. I was expecting just to learn new skills and tequniques but I wasn't expecting to have quizzes or do tests.

Which drawing strategy have you learned the most from? I have learned the most from lights and shadows because I have minimumed how much light is suppose to go in one area than the other and, I have also learned where to put them according to where my object is placed.
In what ways has your drawing skill improved this year? I have improved on how much effort and work that I have put into my art pieces. I have also improved on how my art pieces are suppose to look and how they should be proportionally right. According to my other objects in the piece.
What is chiaroscuro ? It is the difference between light and dark.
What parts of my portrait pieces have I improved on? Well, I think that I have improved on so much . Like drawing the lips, eyes, nose, etc. but I believe that the most improvement that I have made during this journey with art would probably have to be eyes and nose proportions. Mainly because as you can see , that I had made my nose and, eyes look kind of none realistic but as time passed they came out better. I Made them look real.
Which project do you wish you were able to re-do or have more time on? I would say this part with the problem solving technique because I did alright on it but it was kind of hard to see and measure things you didn't really know the answer to. I wish I could mainly do it over again because I would want it to look better and like a professional did it.
In what areas have you seen the Most improvement? I have seen the most improvement in portrait paintings, because I have shown that it is kind of fun to do , and that it it isn't that hard once you learn how to do it. And it shows how much effort, and time I have put into them to make them look realistic and make them look like humans and not a cartoon character.
What project did you learn the most from in 2nd semester despite the outcome of the finished piece?

I had learned the most from the tempera painting . I had learned that when we used cardboard to draw our painting on that it was kind of hard to cut and remove the card board pieces to make the painting look more interesting. I had also learned that when u paint with tempera to make sure you get clean edges, and to make smooth gradations between different colors of paint that you used.

What did you learn about color theory ?

I had learned that if you choose to paint with water colors or if you choose to color with oil pastels , that they blend but they blend differently. Watercolors blend with water obviously but there are different types of blending for water colors. Here are the different ways they can blend : 1. Flat wash- is when you just paint a normal square of paint onto your paper. 2. Graded wash- is when you dip you brush after every time you paint into the water so it looks like the color is disappearing. 3. Super imposed- is when you put a flat wash down, but after it dries, you put a vertical but darker color of that flat wash over it. 4. Wet and wet- is when you put down plain water onto your paper but you take a different brush of color and then dip it into that water to make like a tie- dye effect , etc. Also I had learned they make smooth gradations. Next, we have the oil pastel painting and from that water and oil DO NOT MIX. I also learned that when you try to blend them that's it's kind of hard to do. Also that when u try to get smooth gradations in between colors that it is harder to get clean edges and smooth gradations.

One technique that you feel you were able to master.

I feel like I mastered chalk pastel because in first semester we didn't make still life's with chalk but I do feel like I had mastered the skill because as you can tell I have improved where I put my objects and what I actually see. I also think that from last semester that I actually improved on where I put my shadows and lights.

One technique that you weren't able to master well

I feel like I couldn't really master this project because I had drew what colors I had actually seen but others had prettier colors than my project . .i also think that I didn't master it because some colors didn't blend well, and my edges weren't that clean. Also it wasn't kind of hard to not smear your paper with colors.

In what areas have you seen the most improvement in yourself as a artist?

I have improved on how well i control color blending, and creativity. First of all i have improved on color blending because i have had the ability to blend colors smoothly , and take my time on making sure everything is into place. I have also lessened how to see how dark and lights come into play. Now i have also improved on creativity because i have always came up with new ideas and improved on the projects i have used with my creativity in class. I have always came up with new ideas and new solutions and ways to make my project unique and mine.

What did you discover about yourself as an artist this year?

I have discovered that i have truly developed the material to properly measure different heights and different areas of an object to get the right kind of shape and form. I have also discovered that if you put your mind to a piece of artwork that you can basically do anything to go beyond that horizon and create whatever is it that you like or whatever idea pops into your head. I have also discovered that i have excelled in getting to draw better and to draw what is right from what is wrong. I have also discovered that i have improved on color coordination and where to put them in my projects and that i have the ability to create something unique and different from what other people draw and create.


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