Week 01

I first learned to use Premiere Pro in the eLearning course last fall, and I have used it quite a bit since then. So I wanted to focus on a couple of new skills.

One thing I liked in the lecture video this week was when Matthijs casually matched the video transition to a beat in the music, so I thought I would try to do that. I went to my favorite free music site, and found something with a strong, rhythmic beat. That also helped me pick my theme....that and the nice weather we've been having lately.

The other thing that struck my fancy was in the US live class, when Delia showed us how to pan and zoom and speed up clips. I appreciated that, because I already was very familiar with the basic editing in the lecture video. I wanted a lot of movement in this commercial, up to the last shot - which was actually the first clip I found - and being able to "Ken Burns" a clip allowed me to add movement to clips that otherwise would not have had any.

I know there were a number of newbies in the class last night, and I have no doubt they felt as overwhelmed as I did the first time I sat in on one of these classes. I remember being ready to throw in the towel when the presenter would talk about the selection tool versus the direct selection tool, and I would have no clue what he was talking about. So I would ask, and a fellow classmate said it was the white arrow and the black which I replied, "WHAT white arrow and WHAT black arrow?!?" Well, I understand the difference now, so keep at it, take baby steps, and eventually it will all make sense.

But I still screwed up the aspect ratio at the start and had to redo the whole thing...


Create a Vacation Commercial using found video and audio assets.

Edit the video so it is 15 seconds long.

Week 02

So, this took me a while to finish...

I had great plans to take video of my own garden to add to the commercial, and then this happened....

This is what 27" of snow looks like.

I got a little distracted. But I finally used some video I took of the snow and its aftermath, along with some old photos I have of my garden, kept a few of my favorite clips from the first video, and came up with a first pass.

Meh. It was OK. It was too long, and I overused the video transitions, but it got the job done. I wasn't terribly happy with it. So I went back to my first one to see what I liked about that, and one thing was how the images just snapped from one to the next on the beat of the music.

I took out all the video transitions on the flowers, and changed to ones on the snow to a brief dip to white. I pulled on my ancient musical knowledge, and cut bars of music out to get it down to 30 seconds. There is the briefest fraction of a second at the beginning I couldn't get rid of. I guess the sound editing in Premiere may not be that precise, or else I couldn't figure out how to make it stop snapping to where I didn't want the cut, but it's OK. I might be able to do a better editing job in Audition for the music.

Anyway, I think the final product is much tighter and cleaner...and it gives you a great idea of what "Springtime" in Pennsylvania is like. :-)


Create a short video (30 seconds maximum) adding your own clips, audio and graphics as well as adding transitions, effects and titles to your Class 1 Assignment.

I fixed my audio problem! I kept hearing that little bit of music I couldn't edit out of the beginning of the above video. I added an Constant Gain audio transition at the beginning and made it just long enough to block out that initial little stutter I hear, and I think it's a smoother start. I'm probably imagining I can hear a difference...

Yea...just a touch of OCD there....

Final Reflection

I have used Premiere quite a bit since I first learned about it in the digital creativity course last year. I "remix" a lot of videos from public domain sources for use in my online classes. I can do what I do pretty well, but I have so much more to learn!

What I like about the assignments in this course was the time restriction - 15 seconds and 30 seconds. it really makes you think about what you want to put in a video, and that is something I use a lot; once I have "completed" a video, I look at it again to see if I can cut 10-20% out of it to tighten it up.

In one of the live classes, the instructor showed us how to pan and zoom, and I took to that like a duck to water! Most of my "commercial" was still images I could add movement to with panning and zooming and blurring and such.

To be honest, I doubt that I will do much editing with my own footage, but I will continue to hone my video skills to create learning experiences for my students.

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Karen Droms


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