Mr. Clay Boener, Bulloch County Alcohol and Drug (BCAD) Youth Coordinator, is joined by Statesboro High School Freshman, Ivana Casuso, as she receives the proclamation from the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners announcing the celebration of The Red Ribbon Week (RRW) Campaign on behalf of the Bulloch County Drug Free Communities and the Game Changer club.

Jace Skinner-Statesboro-11/5-2020 (Further editorial by Chad Farrell)

It would be naive to say that Statesboro High had zero problems with drugs. The lockers rooms can sometimes smell like marijauna. There are no official numbers of course, but only a small handful out of the hundreds of people attending this school, seem to actually participate in the use of marijuana. It would seem that more of the school’s population is involved in underage drinking at parties, which can also include the use of marijuana.

How does the problem arise? Who is responsible for the prevention of it? How do we convince kids there are other options? Parents have influence, of course. If the parents don’t put effort into teaching their children the effects and consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, then it can lead to addiction, underage drinking, and drug dealers in our school and communities. Lots of students find marijauna as an escape from reality, and are constantly trying to find excuses to go out and smoke. The issue is exactly the same with vaping and smoking. Although, in my opinion, smoking is now not nearly as popular among high schoolers as it was a few decades ago. The big issue now seems to be that vaping has taken over. On any given day if you go out of the teacher or camera view, you could find someone vaping.

The good news is, there are people who want to help. Programs like Game Changers, G.R.E.A.T, and D.A.R.E, are here to help students with avoiding getting into the circle of people that are constantly smoking and drinking at a highschool age. Although most of the school has a low percentage of people that use marajauna is relatively low, it’s still an issue. That’s why students should get involved with these programs early, so students' futures aren’t ruined from poor choices they made in their high school years.

Speaking of Game Changers, Statesboro High has its very own Game Changers club. I got the chance to meet Ivana Casuso, a member of the Game Changers program. Her favorite thing about the club is the friendly teachers, and how well the program worked with anti bullying. One of the reasons she joined the Game Changers program, as she stated is, “I´ve seen a lot of kids whose parents have done drugs and it's really hard on them, so I thought it (Game Changers) could help them and educate them.” For further information visit https://bullochadc.org/

Welcome back Devils! Hope everyone had a great homecoming week and halloween weekend! The themes for last week were:

Monday - Country vs Country Club

Show off your style or step out of your comfort zone by dressing country or “preppy”

Tuesday - Tourists

Pull out your hawaiian shirts, leis, and cameras for some fun in the sun!

Wednesday - Happy Holidays!

Dress up to your favorite holiday no matter the date

Thursday - Dynamic Duos

Amigos, Couples, and Duos dress like your favorite pair!

Friday - BLUE OUT

Get hyped for the game and dress head-to-toe in Blue Devils spirit!

Of course dressing out wasn’t required but it was strongly encouraged! Homecoming week is supposed to be extremely fun and dressing to the themes really adds to the high school experience. I didn’t really see a lot of people dressing up last week so I’m hoping we have more turn-out next year. We’re all doing the same thing so there is no need to be embarrassed by your outfit. Some people got very creative and had lots of fun. And the best part, we beat Bradwell Institute 34-16

Lady Devil's cheering on their favorite team!!!

Why Teachers feel phones are Diablo’s

Kiana Brown-Statesboro-10/6/2020

Phones are considered to be a very distracting and annoying device when it comes to teachers or parents. They find it very annoying when students are using their phones during lessons or simply while they are speaking. Some teachers agree with the no phone policy, for many reasons. There’s actually some good and bad rules to phones being used in school, and some I agree with more than others.

The way children interact with these devices is very demonic. Many things could be settled by taking a childs phone away, or making matters worse. Some feel that if they do what’s asked of them they’ll get it right back, and most shut down and want to have it their way. When this happens it becomes harder to reason with that child. At this point adults start to wonder what's in these phones to make someone act that way. And in reality it’s nothing. It's just the simple fact of reacting and engaging with the world. It’s frustrating to know what you're missing out in the world, you constantly need to know. Adults now never had to experience life with their face stuck in electronics because there were none, so therefore they wouldn’t understand the desire of it all.

Teachers don’t realize when they're taking a student’s phone away, a piece of their brain is still with the phone. I’ve actually experienced this myself, it’s not a challenge. Just like Tiktok found a way to grab everyone's attention quickly, even adults. It’s very easy to get attached to these social media apps. Students just have to learn how to manage the time spent between each of these apps, and know when it’s the time for it. I personally feel that electronics can go very far in education. For example, when my teacher is going through notes faster than I can write I take a picture, and pay closer attention. It also gives me more time to learn and actually figure out what I’m writing down.

Statesboro-9/14-Jace Skinner

"There is always that road block, say when a teacher is not there for online and then you would possibly have to wait a few days until the next chance you are able to receive help"

"At home, you are not able to concentrate. I would much rather go back to school than to stay at home"

"Doing online school is NOT more enjoyable than In-person school"

Statesboro-9/11-Kiana Brown

You could say I am adapting.

The new procedures and policies at school is changing the experience of school for many, including myself. I have chosen traditional school for many personal reasons. One of those reasons is that I need a hands on approach with learning. Having poor online instructions can be harmful, and that helped me decide on traditional schooling.


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