How Do Students Grades Affect Students Future Careers?

Grades can affect many things in life but an important one is applying for a job or college. When you are applying for a job the manager and the employees look for leadership, teamwork, attitude, flexibility but most importantly grade-point averages. Most colleges and jobs in the United States will accept students with a 3.0 GPA or higher. “GPA certainly has a significant impact in the interview selection process, particularly when those selections are being made based solely on the resume. all else being equal, a stronger resume will help differentiate a candidate and have a positive impact on the selection process…once a student is in the job interview, the GPA will have little bearing on the outcome. at that time, it is more about how the candidate answers the questions and presents him/herself to the employer”,said Dan Black

Having a good GPA before the interview for a job is important, not so much after. Fresh graduates have limited internship experience and would probably need a high GPA for applying for a job. Employers would want to see whether they can take responsibility seriously and whether they can perform tasks well. Recruitment managers can peruse through your schoolwork results as evidence of this.

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