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The Himalayas

The Himalayas is the highest mountain range in the world with 30 peaks that go over 24,000 feet. This range is home to nine tenths of the world's highest peaks. Come see the incredible view of this beautiful landmark.

The HIMALAYAS from above

The Plateau of Tibet

The Plateau of Tibet is also known as the "Roof of the World". It is the largest plateau on the planet. It has a size of 4,500 meters and has 4 rivers.

Come to this place if you want a beautiful view from above.

This is the Plateau of Tibet

The Taklimakan Desert

The Taklimakan Desert is China's largest desert with dunes at least 100 feet high. Along with these dunes, there are strong winds that actually make them move. However, there are vast resources.

Come to the Taklimakan Desert to explore ancient ruins.

A phoTO of the Taklimakan Desert

The Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is the 5th largest dessert and it is 1200 miles from China and 5000 feet above sea level The name means warm and dry.

Come to this place to get away from the house and maybe get some peace and quiet from the bother of your family.

Here is a ground level view of the one and only Gobi Desert

The North China Plain

The North China Plaain is located near the Yellow Sea. It is densely populated.

Come here if you like swimming.

The wonderful Plain

Huang He River

The Huang He River is also known as the Yellow River. It is China's longest river and it flows past China's oldest cities.

Come here to see the ancient cities of China.

The beauties from above

The Chang Jiang River

The name means long river. it is 3515 miles from the Plateau of Tibet. The first dam was made here.

Come here to see the long river.

A birdseye view of the Chang Jiang River

Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal is 83,900 square miles. It has a latitude of 5 degrees and a longitude of 80 degrees. It has a depth of 8,500 feet.

Come here if you like to explore in underwater journeys.

Here is a great view of the Bay of Bengal.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea got it's name because of all of the salt. It is split between two countries. It is the lowest point in the world.

Visit the Dead Sea, it's like a swimming pool but you don't have to move and you don't even have to bring a floatation device.

The dead sea

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