Trip to the Harn SEAN COLE

This work of art was created by John Chamberlain in 1973. The materials used to construct this ball include aluminum, acrylic, lacquer, and polyresin. One can only truly admire the size and shape of this aluminum ball after seeing it in person. This is a very unique piece of art and it drew my attention as soon as I walked into the room simply because I haven't seen many works of art made out of aluminum. Seeing this work of art was breathtaking and made me think about elementary school and all the crumpled aluminum I encountered in the lunch room. The colors on the outside also make it more appealing to the eye.
I found the African Mask section of the Harn Museum to be very interesting and informative. I enjoyed the layout of this area and the wide variety of masks I came across. Something that set this section apart from the others was the use of pictures to show the viewer what the mask looks like on an actual human being. I enjoyed seeing both the physical mask and the photographs that displayed the masks being used. This exhibit brought me a sense of excitement because cool masks like this remind me of skilled warriors or knights.
This work of art demonstrates the value of love. It is called Family and was created in 1991 by Agustin Cardenas. When I first looked at this piece I saw two parents looking after their child. The parents seem to care a lot about the child due to their downward tilting heads and the child's position between them. This piece made me feel grateful that there are so many parents just like this out in the world. This reinforces my current beliefs about family and love. I believe that support and love results in a happy and healthy child.
This piece made me think of the Good Life. It is called Casita al Mar (Little House by the Sea) and was created in 1974 by Emilio Sanchez. This small house by the ocean made me think of the Good Life because it looks very peaceful and relaxing. This looks like a place where you can focus on enjoying the small things in life. Many people dream of having a house like this one day, it is achievement worth celebrating. I hope one day I will own a house like this so I can enjoy the beautiful views and fulfill my version of the Good Life.
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