how to eat crab/lobster Desiree Husband

1. Twist off both lobster claws where they meet the body. break off the knuckle where they attach to the main part of the claw.

2.Crack the claws . using a nutcracker , pick the meet out of the claws.

3 ways to eat lobster

3.use a small fork to pick the meat out the knuckles.


4. Separate the lobster tail from the body by bending the tail back and using a twisting motion break off the flippers by bending them back.

5.Insert a fork into the end of the tail where the flippers break off and push out the chunk of tail meat.

6. Remove the small leg attached to the body , and suck the little meat out of the legs.

7. Crack the body apart lengthwise. pick the meat from the body. always have melted butter its the best dip for your lobster.

always have a bib or a paper towel by you. it could get a little messy

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