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Last May I graduated from Mountain Empire Community College. Maybe by the time I graduate from ETSU I’ll have learned how to properly wear a graduation cap.
A week later, I boarded a flight to Ireland. As sappy as it sounds, I kind of found myself there.
Here I am longingly gazing out upon the sea from the Ring of Kerry.
I realized on this trip that whatever career path I happen upon in the future, I hope I find myself in Ireland once again.
When I'm not dreaming about my return to the British Isles, I like to do normal-people things like go hiking with my dog Scout.
Or earn money peddling popsicle sticks and glitter to crafty Michaels shoppers
I also like to interview people around campus for my blog, which I haven’t updated since last semester. But if you like this kind of thing, definitely check it out.
I’ll be honest and admit I don’t know exactly what I’ll do with my degree, but I’m figuring that out so I’ll keep you posted.

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