The Walker & Walters Group Property Marketing and Advertising Strategy


Marketing your home involves a very detailed, strategic process that has been built from years of experience. Our unique, tailored marketing plan is focused on illustrating the distinct features of your property. We are able to differentiate your home from others on the market, increasing buyer confidence, level of interest, and traffic.

Professional Staging

With all of the comprehensive marketing that we offer, one of the most important aspects is staging your property. Staging ensures that buyers see your home at its best and can envision themselves in the space.

Professional staging can make a dramatic impact on a property, transforming it and increasing its value. Every little detail counts, and it is critical to ensuring that your home is presented at its finest.

Staging also plays a doubly important role by tying in with our other home marketing services. Professional photography, professional videography, and 3D home tours all benefit from a property that is staged professionally.

We work with staging professionals who will outline specific ways to improve the presentation of your property and help showcase your home.

Professional Photography

We use modern professional photography cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to present your property at its best. Specific lighting techniques ensure that the pictures of your property are captivating, while not looking unrealistic or over saturated.

This level of marketing puts your property in the forefront with interested buyers.

Professional Videography

We capture high-definition video content of your property and then distribute it across numerous channels, resulting in an online buyer experience that promotes your home like no other. More buyer traffic results in more inquiries, more showings, and more offers.

Aerial Photography and Videography with Drones

Aerial photography and videography put your home on a whole new level. This added perspective displays a property's acreage, location, and overall size in an incredibly compelling way.

Aerial videography is an excellent way to complement an interior property video so that buyers can gain a full understanding of your home. This style of video is very cinematic and captures prospective buyers' attention.

3D Home Tours

Utilizing advanced camera hardware and software provided by Matterport, we are able to build a 3D Home Showcase tailored to your property. Buyers love the ability to virtually walk through a home, as it gives them a real sense of the space and what they can expect when they visit the property in person.

Powerful marketing like the 3D Home Showcase increases buyer confidence, presents immediate value, and results in higher traffic to the property.

See a sample below to understand how the 3D Home Showcase works.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are created and made readily available when marketing your home. As an added benefit, these floor plans are interactive, meaning buyers can click to see where different pictures were taken on the actual floor plan itself.

This kind of interactive experience assists in giving buyers a better understanding of the home and the space. Through the use of interactive floor plans, we can compel discerning buyers to visit your property by providing them an experience to better understand and get to know your property.

Property Website

Modern property website tools ensure that buyers get direct information about your property and can submit inquiries right away. We can capture more qualified buyers and increase exposure for your home through the use of a professional property website.

The property website displays all of the marketing and information for your home including:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • 3D Home Showcase
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Property Description and Detailed Information
  • Custom Domain Name

Internet Marketing

In order to capitalize on this, REALTORS® use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to syndicate your home's information across numerous websites. Through the MLS, your property will be presented on crucial websites including Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com, and Frontdoor.com, among other highly-visited real estate websites.

While information is sent through the MLS to all of the major real estate websites, we go the extra mile to optimize the information. Each of these websites is tailored to showcase your home in its best light. This includes ensuring the property photos are of the highest resolution, property descriptions are detailed, all links and captions are completed, and listing-details pages have all the essential criteria that a discerning buyer would need.

Your home is also marketed online by prospecting to other real estate professionals, whose clients' property search criteria matches your home's features and price point. You benefit by having your home presented at its best in front of the largest audience possible, increasing the opportunities for acceptable offers.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook offers a powerful platform to reach potential buyers and to provide additional exposure for your property.

We craft Facebook posts promoting your property and then advertise those sponsored posts out to a large target audience. These posts generate additional traffic and impressions for your home, increasing the interest and exposure. Social media is doubly effective due to its viral nature, eliciting buyers and their friends to share your home with people they know.

Special software is used behind the scenes to tailor our social media advertising and messaging. Everything we do on the social media front is custom, built in-house, and tailored to your home.

Print Marketing

Creating custom print marketing to sell your home is an essential part of our home marketing strategy.

This additional marketing serves the purpose of bringing in additional buyer inquires and increasing the amount of exposure for your property. We tailor our print marketing to target the surrounding neighborhoods and towns, letting neighbors know of the opportunity to get family and friends into the area.

"Coming Soon" Marketing

We offer an additional tier of "Coming Soon" marketing that is built with the specific purpose of generating buzz for your property. By marketing your property as "Coming Soon" prior to the home being listed as active, we create anticipation with real estate agents and buyers. REALTORS® notify their clients and get ready to schedule showings for your home or to stop by the open house.

"Coming Soon" marketing pieces are exceptionally important and can include professional property video trailers, Facebook advertisements, a Zillow listing page set as "Coming Soon", as well as other marketing elements. Ultimately this level of marketing is set to increase your property exposure, buyer inquiries, and acceptable offers.

Once your property has been fully captured and advertised we spring into action at the open house and share buyer feedback.

Open Houses

Open houses are an effective way to bring in buyers and advertise your property.

Ultimately consumers want to see the final product first-hand, and we ensure that open houses are incredibly effective. We take the open house to a new level to entice as much foot traffic as possible.

Our friendly, professional, and informative demeanor welcomes visitors to learn more about your property. We take great pride in running very effective open houses that deliver results.

All of open houses and active listings are also advertised extensively online and throughout social media and print. By advertising to multiple channels consistently, we are able to increase the property's marketing exposure and to bring in more qualified buyers.

Showings and Feedback

Showing your property to interested, qualified buyers is crucial to receiving acceptable offers.

In order to efficiently schedule showings for your property, we use ShowingTime as part of our services that we offer to clients.

ShowingTime enables our team to set up showing appointments electronically with other agents as well as to manage and share critical feedback from showing appointments. This feedback is pivotal to understanding where your home currently stands in the market and how buyers are perceiving its value.

More high quality showings result in finding the right buyer for your property faster.

Distinct marketing, branding, and advertising for your home results in increased online traffic, buyer interest, and perceived value of your property.

It is a winning combination that cannot be beat.

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