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At Texas Tech University, Matt Dunaway is the SID in charge of Men’s Tennis. He is the one who attends matches and keeps all stats, records, rosters, etc. up to date. After each match, he will upload his stats to the Texas Tech Athletics website for the world to see and review whenever they want. Dunaway also must keep up with seasonal statistics. This web story will show you exactly how to keep up with your seasonal stats for men’s tennis.

Inside Texas Tech Athletics, the seasonal records are recorded in a basic Microsoft Word document. They are separated into two sections, Singles and Doubles...

For the singles section, each player is alphabetically listed with their seasonal stats. Doubles is also listed alphabetically for each duo who played in each tournament.

There are several tournaments throughout the fall semester. After every day of the tournament, the player’s stats will be recorded in the document. This allows for accuracy and eliminates the possibility of forgetting to updated each players results.

As seen above, when recording the tournament results, whoever wins the match, their name gets written first. For example, when Bjorn defeated Rafael Lenhard his name was written first. But when Bjorn was defeated by Nick Crystal in the next round, Crystal’s name was written first. The winner’s name will always be written first! They won the match so they deserve it.

Whoever wins the match name will be recorded first, followed by the school they play for in parenthesis, DEFEATS the name of the losing player, followed by the school they play for in parenthesis. After the names have been written, you write the match scores. The "No. 27" denotes the players ranking. This only pertains to players who are ranked by ITA.

When recording both singles and doubles results, the tournaments are listed in chronological order of when they occurred for the players. Not every Texas Tech Tennis player competes in every tournament some players will have more results than others.

The same process is followed when updating doubles tournament results. The player duos are recorded alphabetically. Under each doubles listing is the chronological order of tournaments played by that pair, as shown below.

Keeping up to date results of each single and doubles match for each tournament is a tedious task. Often times, Communications Interns are left to read tournament results and update player statistics themselves.

At any time you can see the results of each tournament on the Texas Tech Athletics website.. What you see online are each tournaments results which are uploaded after each match is completed. Keeping seasonal player statistics as demonstrated above is behind the scenes communications office work. Click the button below for any and all information regarding Texas Tech Men's Tennis or contact Matt Dunaway.

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