The art of drawing wolves Fun ways to draw wolves

You need...

First you need to know how to draw and get your materials, don't forget the paper! 😤😠

Colored pencils are required

Let's draw

Now here are some instructions on how to draw a wolf 🐺.

The instructions

Thank you

You now know how to draw wolves via the instructions above. Another one is coming later... Thank you so much for seeing this.

The End

Get ready for Google


Art is where you use your imagination to make a painting, drawing, sketch, food, etc. You use art everyday no matter what. It's something productive for us to do.


Created with images by Arturo Espinosa - "194/11 - Rodney for JKPP" • Metassus - "Wolf" • AlexanderStein - "colored pencils pens crayons" • USFWS Endangered Species - "Endangered, threated gray wolf (Endangered gray wolf (Canis lupus)" • Alexas_Fotos - "wolf wild animal predator" • By_Jo - "radio steel wool swirl" • - "HJ Thormann Die Casting Engineering Advert"

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