A World of Religion Asay's Essay

So for my birthday I had the opportunity to travel the world for 2 weeks. So since I am from "Deep in Heart of Texas" I decided to start my journey in Barcelona, Spain and visit the Catedral de la Sagrada Familia. Honestly, it was amazing, it was so delicately made, actually still in. the process believe it or not. Every piece of stone had a meaning. Whether it was the tower in the middle that represented Jesus Christ or the four towers around it that represent the gospels, John Matthew, Luke, Mark. The trip to Spain was well worth it, but I had to prepare to go to Israel tomorrow night, specifically bethlehem, where Jesus was born. I get on the Norwegian International airplane, I'm going to have a hot dish of gazpacho.

Gazpacho Soup está a la izquierda. Sagrada Familia esta a la derecha

Day 2: I have now arrived at Bethlehem, where Jesus was born and many people from around the world were too. It was awe-inspiring. I stayed in Bethlehem for the night to catch up on some rest.

The top left is Mary and Joseph with Jesus Christ. Mural on the top right. Christmas tree on the bottom represent Jesus being born.

The fourth day in the morning I have a train ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to learn about the Judaism faith. I decided to go to the wailing wall, where the people of the Jewish faith worship. It was quite simple to look at, but it has a ton of meaning behind it as thousands of Jews go the wall every day. Also I hiked the Moriah, the sacred site where Abraham sacrificed his son, Isaac. This sacred site was very important to the religion and makes what it is today. I stayed the night and plan on travelling to Mecca the following day.

On the left, the western wall aka the wailing wall. The right is abraham sacrificing his son, Isaac

Day 6 I visited the holt city of Mecca. It is said that every person of the islamic belief has to visit Mecca some time in their life. In the Islamic religion when you travel to Mecca you have to go to the Kaaba, a black stone in which muslims wipe away their sins on. Millions of people visit this area every year and is a key piece of arcitecture for the islamic faith. I rest for 2 nights to catch on some much needed sleep that I need when I go to India to learn about the Hindu religion.

On the left is the city of Mecca, on the right is the black stone, Kaaba which lies in Mecca

Now day 8 on my fantastic trip I made my way to the city of Bangalore where ill be visiting the famous temple Meenakshi. When I got to the place I noticed many Hindis prayers worshiping their gods, as they are polytheistic. After a decent nights rest I jolt up and take a bus ride to the sacred site for Hindus, the Ganges River. As I approach the River I see people's heads disapearing over the bank. I soon realized that they were bathing in the river as it is a way they wash away their sins. This fascinated me as I have never seen anyone do this before at all. I stay with a long time friend Satish Patel next to the sacred River. I have some curry and rest

On the left is the temple, Meenakshi. Right, the Ganges River

I took a quick train ride to Sarnath, the first place where Buddha delivered his teachings. This is when people acquired knowledge of the religion and began teaching it to other people spreading all across the world specifically eastern Asia. I had one more place to go, and that was Hong Kong. The next day I decided to make my way to Hong Kong to learn about the religion, buddhism. Buddhism spawned from Hinduism, and spread eastward in Asia. I go to the mountain that has the "Big Buddha". The symbol and statue of the Buddhist people. It was actually massive and I was actually terrified. Terror level 8 on a scale of 1-10. Many people visited this statue even though it is so high up and takes lots of strength to hike up the mountain.

Left is the first place where Buddha taught his knowledge. Right the statue of Buddha in Hong Kong

After sleeping for another 2 days in Hong Kong I had a flight to catch to Dallas. Even though the plane ride there was awful I did end up getting a warm cup of joe to indulge in some sweet American culture. Learning about the religions were so interesting and I was glad I went. I want to thank Coach Tidwell for grading this AMAZING piece of knowledge.


Created with images by Rob Ireton - "buddha" • Sharon Mollerus - "Gazpacho" • rightee - "Sagrada Familia" • Barta IV - "Jesus Joseph Mary" • CarolineSteinhauer - "st patrick's cathedral stained glass nativity" • Unsplash - "pinetree christmas tree pinecones" • kellinahandbasket - "Wailing Wall/ Western Wall" • carulmare - "REMBRANDT Harmenszoon van Rijn Sacrifice of Isaac, 1635" • soham_pablo - "Mecca Masjid" • Al Fassam - "Kaaba" • Arian Zwegers - "Madurai, Sri Meenakshi Temple, southern gopuram" • Fred Hsu - "Ganges River" • kawanet - "Mulagandhakuti Vihara, Buddhist temple at Sarnath" • Jonas B - "Big Buddha"

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