Antarctica Beautiful, Inspiring, Stunning

Leaving Ushuaia, Argentina
A colony of 250,000 penguins on South Georgia Island after 3 days at sea.

Friendly, curious, and definitely cute with behaviors that were seriously captivating. Penguins watching was a activity that always was over before you wanted it to be.

The youngster in the brown coat was 9 months old. Youngsters will not go into the water until all the brown fur is gone.

Love is monogamous, at least for the season!

The following group of pictures are from South Georgia Island. It was rich with animal life. The colony of penguins below was estimated at 400000. There is no permant human population on the Island.

The boats above are in the old whaleing town of Grytiviken. Thankfully those days are over but you can still mail out a letter as a post office is still open.
The bay were Ernest Shackleton was rescued and is buried is part of South Georgia Island.

Hiking on the Antarctica continent

They can't fly to the top. Hopping is the way up.

Your in my space!

Only a few lucky got to kayak in the Antartic and I was one. Thankfully when I signed up for the trip they told me to go for it before it sells out. I was offered twice what I paid to sell, but I am only going to be there once.

Getting the shot at the right bottom required me to hold on for my life and get soaked along with the camera.

This is actually a iceberg. They told us it was as large as one of our big states. It is very difficult to comprehend the scale. Seeing it from above would help,

There any many sizes, shapes and colors to ice. On the small flows you can see how more ice is under the water then on top. Usually about 90% is below the surface

The enormity of this iceberg cannot really be appreciated because there is no reference. Had a person been next to it, its 200+ feet tall wall would have given you that wow! How tall is the wall under the water?

Good bye Antarctica. I loved you so much!
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