Peak a Novel By rolAND Smith

The Over All Place seems to actually be around the world, the main character's (Peak) father takes him around different countries for preparations. Some places, where there's actually a story to be told, and some countries as to where they mention they do something simple, then there off to another country.
The Specific Locations so far, are New York, Kathmandu, and Mt. Everest, not including the places that were mentioned in the book for only a brief paragraph. In New York, the character starts off climbing a skyscraper, where he gets arrested, taken to court, and he meats his father again after his parents divorced, where his father bails him out. In Kathmandu, the main character meats Zopa, who is a Sherpa, and supposedly knows if climbers should go on Mt. Everest on a certain day, and he knows what gear climbers should use, Peak is also there to help out Zopa while his father is doing some work with clients. Mt. Everest will be the main location in the story once Peak and his father get there, their goal is to get Peak to the summit, and he'll officially be the youngest person to summit Everest
It doesn't go into detail about the time what so ever, but its pretty easy to pick up the fact that its in present time. The fact that its based on today, fits the story very well, the story mentions that if Peak summits Everest, he'll officially be the youngest above 29k feet, which means that the record is based on the actual record today in real life. It Can't be in the future because it doesn't mention anything like flying cars, and it cant be in the past because everything there is has modern day technology.
So far, Peak is in Kathmandu, The Environment outside sounds very polluted, the story mentions that the houses look very dirty and worn out, also that every vehicle there has a problem with smoke coming out of the exhaust. Personally, I think that it adds detail to the story and that it helps you picture what everything looks like. It makes me feel like Peak might have a hard time adjusting to the environment
Kathmandu Seems to be very populated with Civilians, Sherpas, Servants, and the Chinese military. The Civilians seem to be the biggest problem as to why the place seems polluted, the Sherpas Temples have been burned down by the Chinese Military, and some of the Sherpas have been made slaves. It makes me think what will have to Zopa, when the Chinese keep expanding territory, its certainly something to keep in mind
They do mention mountain gear, and Zopa thinks that Peak's isn't what he needs. They go to a trading mart and they trade ALL of his equipment, for some that looks used and seems like it was used by climbers that havent made it back. This gear is going to be used to climb Mt. Everest, and Zopa will tell Peak and his father when they should go.
I think that the overall mood is affected by the polluted city because people are just sitting down on the street in tattered clothes and buildings look worn down, life there sounds dull and bland because of it. When the main character- Peak, was walking in a pathway through the woods, with Sun-Jo, the book mentioned that there was completely nothing to be heard because of the fact that the Chinese military have been burning parts of it down so the animals have been on the move, it makes the forest sound so morose
It helps me see like for example, in 32 degree wether, Sun-jo started sweating when the truck they were taking was being checked by military soldiers because the Chinese were burning down Sherpa temples, and they were bringing food to Sherpa temples. Also when Peak said that the houses outside look worn out, and there was smoke coming from all the cars was probably why the place looked super polluted. The setting affects the story by a lot, it shows what's happening and how things are affected by pollution and how nosey the Chinese military is at the time



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