MAC News issue 13 2017

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

What a full couple of weeks it has been to mark the end of Winter! On Wednesday 30th August, the College hosted it's annual Alphabet Day, where we invite preschool aged children from the community to come along and enjoy lots of fun hands-on activities, a petting zoo, jumping castle and other activities that represent the letters of the Alphabet. With a number of new housing estates opening in the Macarthur region, there are many families with young children moving into the area, and it was great to see so many new faces at Alphabet Day, and the interest shown in our Prep program.

As we head towards the end of this year, there is a growing demand for places at the College for 2018, particularly in the Junior School. I would like to remind our College community that if they have friends and family who are looking to enrol their children for next year, please be prompt in your application to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, with some many events that have taken place this Term, such as Open Day, Alphabet Day, Multicultural Night etc, i would like to take this moment to say a heartfelt thank you to the Home and School Committee for their hard work in helping us to raise funds for the College.

A special thanks goes out to Mrs Gina Latu, who worked tirelessly to ensure the Multicultural Night was a great success. Thank you for leading out and organising the night and also for your hospitality by providing delicious refreshments at every Home and School Meeting. It was the most successful night yet! Thank you Gina and your team!

We would also like to thank the many families who donated foods, sausages, bread rolls, etc for Multicultural Night and Open Day such as the Tonga family, Kolo family, Hart family, Vermeulen family and the many other families who also contributed.

Special thanks goes to the families that cooked and cleaned up while the rest of us were enjoying the concert. Thank you so much!!!

Thanks also to Mrs Cheree Vermeulen for organising a fantastic Father’s Day Stall and for organising the MAC illuminated water bottles. Thank you to you and your team!

Awesome job everyone!


Anna Calandra


Whats on @ MAC

Uniform Notice

College Uniform Policy

Macarthur Adventist College has a compulsory uniform policy. We regard the uniform as an important aspect of our school image, general philosophy and condition of enrolment. Students are expected to wear the uniform correctly, with pride and self respect.

It is expected that parents and carers will undertake to provide students with the correct school uniform and to ensure that students are always sent to school in their uniform.

If you are unsure of our current uniform list, please see the documents below. Please keep in mind also, that at the beginning of Term 4, all of our College students will be required to wear full their summer uniform.

A reminder also to parents, that Term 4 will be the last term in which students will be allowed to wear their yellow sports shirt, from 2018 only the new navy sports shirt will be part of the sports uniform.

Junior School News

Alphabet Day

On Wednesday 30th August, Macarthur Adventist College celebrated its annual ‘Alphabet Day.’ This event is a day in which we invite preschool aged children in our community to come and visit our school and enjoy a variety of fun activities for each letter of the alphabet. We had a lot of positive feedback from families as well as children, indicating the highlights were meeting Batman, the petting zoo, pony rides and jumping castle.

I just want to give a big thank you to Mrs Hildalgo for volunteering her time on the day as well as Mr Bastos who made some great quirky science slime, and to our Year 5, 6 and 11 students who did an awesome job at representing our school.

Thank you!!

Miss Julianne

Prep Teacher

Year 1 & 2 Sydney Museum Excursion

Father's Day Stall

A big thank you to Cheree Vermeulen for organsing the Fathers Day Stall this year. It was a great success and there was much excitement amongst our Junior School students as they were able to purchase a variety of small gifts for Father's Day on Sunday 3rd September. Thank you also to Bek Allard, Rebeca Simina Preda, Natra Hamilton-Ta'ala, Monica Durmisevic, Lauren Henderson, Wendy Castaneda Rivas, Ritua Lopez, and Farhana Sultana for their help on the day. Thank you also to all the parents and caregivers who donated gifts to the Stall, it was much appreciated.

Junior School Uniform Notice

Further to the notice above regarding uniform, please see the letter below regarding the College Uniform Policy in Junior School.

Senior School News

Dion Lowrie

Congratulations to Dion Lowrie in Year 11 for competing at our Zone Athletics Carnival. He achieved first place for long jump and 400m and second place for 100m and 200m. Overall for his achievements Dion was presented with 16 year old age champion. Well done on representing your school!

Senior Girls Basketball

On Monday the 28th August our senior girls headed out to Bankstown to compete in the Southern Metropolitan Zone Christian Schools Basketball Gala Day.

It was a cold start to the day as they faced William Carey in their very first game. Despite losing this game, they persevered as they played Regents Park where they were leading but ended up finishing the game with a draw. They then played a very strong team from Inaburra and while we didn't get the results we hoped for, the confidence and skill levels really improved as the day went on. They then played Mount Annan Christian College and St George Christian school where they won both games and demonstrated great sportsmanship and excellent team work.

All in all they represented our God and College extremely well and we are super proud of them and look forward to what 2018 has to hold for our senior girls.

We take this time to make special mention of each of the girls who participated on the day: Cleopatra Carreno (Captain), Hope Patea, Aman Bhutta, Amelia Fine, Athena Kaisa, Angelique Migao, Lujayn Nasir and Jessica Bailey.

Cleopatra Carreno (Captain), Hope Patea, Aman Bhutta, Amelia Fine, Athena Kaisa, Angelique Migao, Lujayn Nasir and Jessica Bailey.

Well done team and we thank you for your hard work.

Mrs J Namakadre


CIS U/15s Rugby Sevens

On Monday 28th August, Macarthur Adventist College competed in the CIS u/15 Rugby League Sevens Championship in Jamison Park, Penrith.

In windy and cold conditions Macarthur had a slow start with Regents Park putting on early tries. To Macarthurs credit, they dug deep to claw back but were unlucky to go down by 2 points.

For the rest of the pool games Macarthur proved to strong and won convincingly against George's River Grammar, Penrith Christian and Blacktown Youth College. Macarthur's attack was spearheaded by Christian Savaiianea, Anthony Makafana and Lafaele Moananu.

Macarthur was then able to progress to the shield semi final against Rouse Hill Christian. A spirited performance from the boys saw them go try for try against Rouse Hill, unfortunately small handling errors and ball possession leaked into our game. Under fatigue and tough opposition, Macarthur narrowly went down in the semis by 2 points.

The Macarthur U/15s should be proud of their efforts for progressing to the finals and playing hard rugby all day while working for each other and trying their best!

From our College Counsellor

Are You OK?

In light of the recent national ‘R U OK Day’ Campaign on Thursday September 14th, an article was released by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners stating that “Australians are now presenting to their GP with mental health issues more than any other kind of health concern”. Given that GP’s are often the first port-of-call for any and all medical concerns, this really highlights the prevalence and importance of mental health in our community. In addition, patients almost always present with ‘co-morbid’ conditions meaning that they have accompanying health issues along with mental health concerns.

Why is it so hard to talk about?

Concerns regarding our thinking and feeling can be hard to talk about for many reasons. For many generations, our Australian culture has had unspoken norms that make us feel that we should be tough, stoic and have a “she’ll be right, mate!” attitude. Mental health symptoms can also hinder a person’s insight into their own well-being. Due to the nature of the symptoms (such as social withdrawal, lack of motivation, lack of energy, difficulty with concentration), the opportunities for meaningful social interaction is reduced and it can be hard for a person to open up to others of their own volition. A depressed person can often feel like they are trapped and isolated in their situation and have often lost hope that others will understand them, let alone be able to help.

What can we do to change the culture?

To continue to shift and change our tough Aussie culture, we must be careful not to assume that our family and friends are OK because they look that way or that they will tell us when they are not OK. Part of depression is the withdrawal and amount of energy it takes to open up to others, so we need to provide a safe opportunity for others to talk to us and be a compassionate listening ear. We can take the time to read about how we can have some simple skills around enquiring and listening to someone who is in distress from one of the many online resources such as ‘R U OK’, Blackdog Institute or Beyond Blue. We need to continue to work on having a culture of openness and acceptance in our school towards talking about how we feel, and not put someone down or make them feel weak for this. It actually takes a lot of strength and courage to do this!

Why is R U OK DAY important?

‘R U OK’ is a suicide prevention charity organisation established to encourage Australians to ask a mate this simple, life-changing question. The ‘R U Ok’ Day yearly campaign is an important reminder to love and support those who are battling with symptoms such as suicidal thinking that may be part of a mental health condition. It is an important question to ask, but even more important is our response to the answer we hear. If you ask this question (and please do!) make sure you are comfortable with how to respond when a person answers “no”. After all, isn’t the point to give support to those who need to say “no”? Speak with kindness, grace and boldness, but it is important to be prepared. There are some simple steps on the website on how to ask, listen, encourage action, and check-in. You know your family and friends well, and it often takes someone close-by who is looking on to notice changes in behaviour or mood. It might just be a ‘gut-feeling’ for you that your loved one has not been their usual self, so take that opportunity to ask the question. Be bold in commenting on the changes you have noticed and even if they do not feel like opening up about it, they will know you care because you have voiced your concerns. Listen openly and calmly (try to manage your own distress at what you are hearing!) as the way we respond to them can determine whether they go on to seek further help. Don’t feel that you have to solve the problem for them, there are health professionals who can do that if they need to take that step.

What can we do if we feel like we’re struggling with stress or mental health issues?

There is much help available for those who feel they may be struggling with stress or mental health issues

Suicidal ideation is a symptom of mental health pathology and does occur commonly in response to significant life stressors. It is a sign that there is some form of underlying mental health issue for a person. From research that has been done on faith communities, it has been found that being meaningfully connected to a community such as a church or school provides a support network for a person which can be a protective factor, can contribute to their recovery from mental health issues and provide a sense of hope. The presence of a support network is a very important and healthy factor in a person’s mental well-being. We are fortunate to have a natural support network in our school community where we can actively and practically provide support to those around us and help to reduce the impact of stressful life experiences, so we encourage you to talk to a trusted friend, doctor, teacher, chaplain, mentor or responsible adult and let them know that you are not OK.

If you or someone you know needs help with their thoughts and feelings, you can call Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids’ Helpline (1800 55 1800). Your local doctor can also refer you to a mental health professional through Medicare.

Counselling is available 3 days per week for students and their families at Macarthur Adventist College, please contact the college reception if you wish to make an appointment.


Claire Marsh

MAC Psychologist

Library News

College Bus Reminders

Please see below a few reminders to the families that utilise our College Bus Service:

If your child/children catch one of our College Buses and you have recently updated your mobile phone number, please let the office know so that they can update your details. In case of an emergency, accident or late bus run, the College needs to be able to contact parents, so it is vital that we have your correct mobile or phone number.

Requests to change the days that your child/children catch the bus or a request to utilise the bus service must be put in writing, via the appropriate form in the College office. Again, all requests regarding our College bus service are to go through the front office, and not directly to the Bus Manager or other College bus drivers.

Lastly, if your child is unwell or will not be attending school, please send notice through in a timely manner. It can cause significant delays when the bus driver arrives to pick up your child/children and they have not been notified that the child/children will not be attending school that day. Please send notice through the night before if possible, or at the very latest, 6:00am on the morning that they will not be attending, as well as letting the Office know after 8:00am that the child/children will be absent that day. If your child/children are going to be absent, please contact Frank, our Bus Manager on 0404 449 336.

From our Chaplains

If any parents or caregivers in our College community would like to have Bible studies and learn more about what the Bible teaches about Jesus, how to get closer to God, how to cope with stress, marriage, parenting or anything else, please speak to our chaplaincy team- either Dwayne or Abigail.

For Sale

The College is currently selling a number of wood vices that have been taken from our old Wood Tech room. They are professional quality, and all proceeds will go towards funding our Year 10 Fraser Island Camp.

Irwin Record 52PD Plain Screw Woodworking Vice 7"/175mm jaw width - $49.97.

IRWIN TOOLS manufactures professional grade hand tools for trade professionals who demand superior performance and durability on the job.

Retail price brand new is over $220.

  • Cast from grey iron.
  • CNC machined for consistent reliability.
  • Unbreakable S.G. ductile iron half-nut takes the load and can be replaced when worn.
  • Two steel guide rods reduce wear and ensure smooth, parallel action.
  • Mounts under bench tops.
  • Jaw width - 175mm.
  • Jaw opening - 205mm.

We have 2 of these Irwin Record 52PD Plain Screw Woodworking Vices for sale.

There are some minor cosmetic scratches or paint chips, which have no impact on the outstanding performance of this vice.

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