Hunter Sports High News Term 4 - Week 10 - 2018

What's On?

  • Wednesday 19 December: Last Day of School for 2018 & Year 7-10 Reports Issued
  • Tuesday 29 January 2019: Staff Development Day
  • Wednesday 30 January 2019: Years 7, 11 & 12 students return to school
  • Wednesday 30 January 2019: Year 7 Parents & Carers Morning Tea: 8.55am-10.00am
  • Thursday 31 January 2019: Years 8, 9 & 10 students return to school
  • Thursday 14 February: Parents & Carers Open Morning: 9.15am-10.55am
  • Saturday 16 February: Public Open Day: 9am-11am
principal's Message

Another year is over already! 2018 has been one of the biggest, busiest and most challenging years for Hunter Sports High School but I am sure you will agree that it has possibly also been the most exciting, special and rewarding year in the history of our school. To see the new school come to life and to see the smiles on the faces of our students is incredible - it makes everything we have lived through over the past few years well and truly worth it. Our students are thriving and happy and they thoroughly deserve to be. The new classrooms, facilities, technology and playgrounds are already having a noticeable and positive impact on our students and it is great to see.

Thank you to our dedicated staff for the outstanding job they have done this year. Our teachers, support staff and administrators have worked so hard to keep the school running like clockwork and to keep learning and teaching as the priority with so much going on around them, not to mention packing and moving as well. Sadly, we say goodbye to a some much-loved staff who have gained permanent positions in other schools. We wish Ms Leesa Drew (Art) and Ms Jaymie Parish (HSIE) all the best in their new roles and look forward to introducing a number of new staff in 2019.

Our Year 12 students came back to school for a final visit last week for a morning tea on the day their HSC results were released. It was great to see so many of them here to catch up with their teachers and share their plans for the future. This year's HSC results saw an increase in Band 5 results, and overall, more students achieving results in higher bands. Many have been accepted into university courses, while others will go on to study at TAFE, complete apprenticeships and join the workforce. We wish them all the very best!

We wish all our students and their families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy summer holiday. Thank you for your efforts throughout the year to support your children in their education and for your support of our school. Enjoy the break with your family and friends and we look forward to another exciting year in our new school in 2019.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us at Hunter Sports High! From left: Mr Davies, Mrs Slaney, Mr O'Hara, Ms Byrne and Mr Curry.

official opening events

Early in 2019 we will be celebrating the official opening of the school with a number of events planned to give our families a chance to see the school in action and the local community an opportunity to view the incredible new facilities of Hunter Sports High. See further details below and save the dates for these special events:

  • Wednesday 13th February: Community of Schools Visit
  • Thursday 14th February: Parents & Carers Open Morning (2019 families only)
  • Saturday 16th February: Public Open Day, 9am-11am

presentation day celebrates student success:

Family and community members joined special guests and students last Friday 14th December to help us celebrate another successful year and acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements of 2018. The assembly was impressively hosted by our new school leaders and was a great way to cap off huge year at Hunter Sports High. Congratulations to all award winners and too all who tried their hardest throughout the year.

Awards were given to acknowledge the efforts of our students, with certificates presented to all students who placed in the top five per cent in each subject, and also to the many students who represented the school in cultural, academic and sporting pursuits throughout the year. Congratulations to the following students who received major awards on the day:

Dux of Year Awards: for the highest academic achieving student across all subject areas
  • Year 7: Ivy Aiken
  • Year 8: Ryvah Shoesmith
  • Year 9: Alana Griffiths
  • Year 10: Shayla Dwyer
  • Year 11: Ellie Jones
Principal's Awards: for consistent application and commitment to all aspects of schooling
  • Year 7: Cody Carruthers
  • Year 8: Savannah White
  • Year 9: Macey Charles
  • Year 10: Zachery Renshaw
  • Year 11: Brendan Knowles
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Awards: for outstanding academic achievement
  • Year 7: Ebony Laws
  • Year 8: Ryvah Shoesmith
  • Year 9: Kynan Toomey
  • Year 10: Montana Shoesmith
  • Year 11: Calista Schueppenhauer-Wells
Major Awards:
  • Pat Sleigh Award: Krystal Dallinger (Year 11)for leadership, commitment and promoting Aboriginal education to peers and the wider community
  • Annette Heywood Memorial Award: Byron Lawrence-Carr (Year 9) - for diligence and consistency throughout the year (Years 7-9)
  • Pat Conroy Citizenship Award: Ellie Jones (Year 11) - for a student who has actively participated in many aspects of school life
  • Jodie Harrison Community Service Award: Zachery Renshaw (Year 10)
  • P&C Association Community Service Award: Michael Campbell (Year 9) - for an outstanding contribution within the school community
  • Big Picture Excellence Award: Hayley Holmes and Emrah Manning

minimbah celebrations

2018 Minimbah Celebrations

The incredible efforts and contribution of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students were celebrated at the end of last month at our annual Minimbah Celebrations Night. Parents, carers, staff and students enjoyed a great night which highlighted the talents and success stories of our Indigenous students, with many awards presented for academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

Guests heard inspiring stories of success from guest speaker Nathan Towney - a proud Wiradjuri man and Principal of Newcastle High School, as well as ex-students Gema Simon - Matildas player and co-captain of the Newcastle Jets W League team, and former NRL player Brad Tighe. They were also treated to moving performances by students Thomas Harrison, Dakota Reed-Lorrie, Michael Campbell and our fabulous Minimbah Dance Group who showed off some of the new dances they learnt this year.

Congratulations to all the students on a fantastic year and for their commitment and dedication to their education throughout 2018. Special thanks also to the Minimbah Team who worked so hard to make the night such a big success.

Major award winners included:

  • Les Saxby Memorial Award: Byron Lawrence-Carr for outstanding achievement in the arts
  • Fiona Clarke 'All Rounder' Award: Jessica Hanson for a student who strives to be the best they can be in all aspects of schooling
  • Community Contribution Award: Krystal Dallinger for participation in and promotion of Aboriginal culture within the school and wider community
  • Academic Excellence Awards: Ebony Laws (Year 7); Ryvah Shoesmith (Year 8); Kynan Toomey (Year 9); Montana Shoesmith (Year 10); Calista Schueppenhauer-Wells (Year 11); Thomas Harrison (Year 12).
  • Academic Achievement Awards: Allira Dungay (Junior Big Picture); Jessica Hanson (Senior Big Picture); Dakota Cotton (Year 7 PIP Class); Nellie Dungay (Year 8 PIP Class); Byron Lawrence-Carr (Year 9 PIP Class); Taylor Crawford (Year 10 PAL Class).
  • Consistent Effort Awards: Taimana Elers (Year 7); Lucy Edwards (Year 8); Gordon Griffiths (Year 9); Cybian Watson (Year 10); Acacia Johnson (Senior Big Picture); Jaycoda Simon (Year 11); Aalyah Manns (Year 12).
  • Outstanding Attendees Awards:
  • Female Sportsperson of the Year:
  • Male Sportsperson of the Year:

2019 orientation day

Learning all about high school at Orientation Day

Orientation Day for our incoming Year 7 students for 2019 was held in Week 8 and we welcomed over 160 fresh faces to Hunter Sports High to meet their peers and get to know their new school. Students were greeted by their Year Adviser, Mr Strachan, before being divided up into their brand new roll call groups ready for their first day of high school in 2019.

The orientation day consisted of some getting to know you games as well as fun and informative workshops aimed at student collaboration. Students participated in team-building activities and challenge games before learning how to read a high school timetable along with a rundown on our core Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) values of respect, responsibility and success. These activities were broken up with a school tour that touched down in our Big Picture Academy for an insight into project-based learning and the day was finished off with a visit to our brand new kitchen where the students made some fancy looking popcorn!

Orientation Day was a great opportunity for our incoming students to get comfortable in their new setting and to see what life at Hunter Sports High will be like. Participation in all activities was exceptional and students made the most of getting to know their brand new school. We're looking forward to seeing their excited fresh faces on the first day of school in 2019.


Some highlights from the Hunter Water project

Students from 7Y were last week announced as winners of Hunter Water's 'Learning Together to Change Our World' project after months of research and work put into a water conservation challenge. Hunter Water set the challenge to a number of schools from around the Hunter to come up with creative solutions for a worldwide issue - how to use less water and work towards a sustainable water future in and beyond the Hunter community.

Our eager students attended the Hunter Water Centre for Education to learn all about the water filtration and cleaning process, how it is delivered to their house and the importance of water conservation. From there our students took action and identified a problem within our school - the wastage of water at our new drink bottle stations. These stations have a sensor that, when a bottle is placed in front of it, will automatically fill their bottle. The problem was that some students were just putting their hand in front of the sensor and wasting water. A classroom discussion took place to present their ideas and the group decided to make a poster to be placed near the drinking stations to educate other students about the social cost of wasting water.

In science lessons, students collected data to investigate how much water was being wasted at our drinking stations. They used scientific skills to accurately measure the water collected during this process. Learning even more new skills, they then created posters using CANVA, an online graphic design platform. Hunter Water has been working closely with these creative and innovative students throughout the project.

The project stepped up another gear when 7Y's Student Learning & Support Officer Miss Lucas spoke to the class about the 'Go Beyond All Borders' project and the Love Large campaign which were donating water filtration units to the people of Kibera - the largest slum in Africa. If well maintained each unit can last 10 years and deliver safe clean water to possibly hundreds of people. The project also teaches third world countries about cholera, sanitisation and the importance of clean water.

Students were inspired when they learnt about this real-world issue and decided they wanted to help. They held a cake stall and raised $250 before Principal Ms Byrne boosted their tally to $1000 with a pledge of a further $750. Impressed by their efforts, another $200 was chipped in by members of the Hunter Water Board of Directors and staff from the University of Technology at the gala day in Sydney, bringing their final fundraising tally to $1200. All funds raised were donated to Go Beyond All Borders.

The project culminated last Monday 10th December at the 'Learning Together to Change Our World Gala' which showcased the students' amazing projects and shared their journey working with students from Mayfield West Demonstration School and New Lambton Public School. Audience members voted for the best water saving initiative, awarding the honour to the students of 7Y. Congratulations to all the students and staff involved in this amazing learning opportunity and thank you Hunter Water!

PDHPE NEWS: invictus games & SWIM School finish off 2018 with fun

Finishing the year with some fun in PDHPE

The PDHPE Faculty has had a busy term and we congratulate students on their continued application as we move toward the holidays. Early this term Mr Kennedy and Mr Strachan took 25 PASS students to watch the Invictus Games in Sydney. An international sporting event for wounded, injured and ill veteran and active service personnel, the Invictus Games highlights the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation, and generate a wider understanding of and respect for those who serve their country. Our students were able to see first-hand amazing examples of courage, resilience, sportsmanship, inclusion and respect.

In class, students have been working to complete course units. Year 7 and 8 recently finished off their Matrix Tasks in which they were given choices of activities to complete in order to meet outcomes. Students are to be congratulated on their approach to this self-directed learning style.

In practical lessons Year 7-10 students have been participating in a range of games and physical activities to refine movement skills and develop decision making and problem solving. Next year we will continue to implement a well-rounded Physical Education program with plenty of variety. If your student’s yellow shirt is getting too small make sure to grab one before the start of the 2019 year. Also watch this space for information about sport choices hopefully going online for 2019.

To finish off the year our Year 7 students participated in Swim School for three days last week. This initiative was based on the foundations set by the Swim and Survive Active program and designed to meet the requirements of the Stage 4 PDHPE Curriculum. Over the three days, students were assessed and grouped according to ability and then run through a series of survival and swimming activities. It was fantastic to see the number of students in attendance and the level of enjoyment and engagement by all. Well done to our Year 7 students on their excellent conduct and the way they represented the school in the community.

The PDHPE Faculty wish all students and their families a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019. ​

getting creative in CAPAL

Art in action
One of our amazing new art rooms in action!

It’s been a busy term in the Art department - we’ve moved into our new art studios and have adapted quite nicely, getting back into the swing of creating amazing art! Year 7 have worked with linoleum this term to create wonderful Rangoli inspired, tessellation patterns – their results have been outstanding! Mr Frazier's Year 9 class have worked with acrylics to create traditional landscape paintings of the Australian bush. Students focused on colour theory and painting techniques to create realistic images employing principles of perspective to create a depth of field.

A selection of Year 7 lino prints and Year 9 landscapes

Congratulations to Mrs Drew’s Year 12 students on their completion of the HSC – their component of the Higher School Certificate was to submit a major Body of Work along with the examination they sat in October. External marking took place in November and the exhibition of these works looked fantastic. Here are some of the works that Year 12 worked tirelessly to complete.

Some of our Year 12 HSC major works
Top Row: Students (and staff) are loving the new music rooms in U Block; Bottom Row: Our band and Minimbah Dancers performed at Lakeside Special School last week.

Hunter Sports High's Band has been on the road recently, performing at Lakeside Special School last week for their Presentation Day, alongside our fabulous Minimbah Dancers. They played four pieces at the end of the presentation and the Lakeside students and parents danced and clapped along. It is always a great day!

A great opportunity was given to one of our Year 12 music students recently. Thomas Harrison played an amazing guitar solo at the Minimbah Celebrations evening earlier this term. Impressed with his performance, one of the special guests on the night asked Thomas to perform at the Hunter Region Principal's Conference. This is a wonderful achievement and acknowledgement of Thomas' incredible talent. Congratulations and good luck!

big picture games

Fun from the inaugural Big Picture Games!

Our Big Picture students recently competed in the inaugural Big Picture Games and were crowned 2018 Champions, proving that they're not only successful in academic pursuits but they're balancing their education with sporting excellence too!

Our students joined over 100 others from Big Picture Academies across the region for a range of very serious events including tug-o-war, sack races and a dance-off as well as hotly-contested games of soccer, dodge ball and touch football. Each school came in their team colours, with HSHS decked out in green. Students took the day in good fun, with several of our students standing out for all the right reasons. Thanks to Tomaree, Morisset and Kurri Kurri Big Picture Academies for a great day and especially to Cooks Hill for their organisation of the day. We look forward defending our title next year!

Year 7 science visit taronga zoo

Year 7 Science students enjoyed a day at Taronga Zoo in Week 8.


National Basketball championships

Hunter Sports High's Basketball Program recently participated in the National Schools Basketball Championships in Melbourne. This was our 15th tournament and the entire squad thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the experience of traveling interstate to take part in such a high-level competition. HSHS entered four teams across four separate divisions - an Under 20's Girls team which comprised of all our girls from Year 7-12, and three boys teams (two in the Under 17s and one in the Under 20s).

Our athletes performed admirably during the tournament, winning two bronze medals and gaining invaluable experience. They were impeccably behaved and represented our school and community with pride. Mr Sims and Mr Mallon would like to especially thank the parents for supporting the students in this challenge, and also Shannon Seabohm, Len Solman and Ms Quigley for their incredible care and hard work.

Some of the action from the National Schools Basketball Championships in Melbourne
sporting blues awards

Some of Hunter Sports High's finest athletes were recognised for their sporting achievements earlier this month at the Hunter School Sports Association Awards. Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Hunter Region Sporting Blues Awards for 2018:

  • Teah McPherson - Athletics
  • Zoey Simpson - Basketball
  • Abbey Taylor - Cricket
  • Brendan Knowles - Football
  • Kurt Donoghoe - Touch Football
  • Zac Henley - Lawn Bowls



As the year comes to an end we have now wrapped up our many and varied student wellbeing programs. A big thank you to our amazing Youth Workers Jess and Keira who planned and executed many of these programs for our students.

Our Year 7 – 10 students have helped us gather information about their wellbeing and safety at school by completing surveys over recent weeks. Students had an opportunity to contribute their ideas about what programs they would like to see provided at school next year, either motivational or for a particular wellbeing issue. We are keenly awaiting the results and will keep you posted and what we'll be offering in 2019.

Shine Program

Our Shine program has been running all year for specific groups of female students. The program empowers our girls to love and believe in themselves. The facilitators of this program, led by Prue, put on a breakfast morning for participants of the program, with thirty of our students attending in the beautiful new coffee shop area.

Shine Breakfast

Year 10 students took part in a 'Focus Day' recently in their new Year 11 study area. Students were broken up into four groups and were involved in activities designed to inform and guide them towards a healthy and successful future. Activities included a Headstart presentation (head trauma), an STI presentation, a life motivational presentation and a drug and alcohol presentation. Students were actively involved and participating throughout the day. A pre and post-event student survey was conducted and results were conclusive that the day was very beneficial. Some feedback from the students:

  • “I learnt I can change my life around”
  • “I was inspired by the real life experiences”
  • “The brain injury people were fantastic – they were real stories not just videos”
  • “Very powerful and at times emotional”
Year 10 students participate in Focus Day activities
second-hand UNIFORMS

Please remember if you have any old HSHS uniforms that have been outgrown or are not being used anymore, we can always make use of them for our students in need. Uniform items can be dropped off at the school office at any time.

merry christmas and happy holidays from all the staff of hunter sports high! see yoU in 2019!


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