Bruce Davidson

Identify where the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

Bruce Davidson was born in Oak Park, Illinois, on September 5th, 1933. At only 19 years old, Davidson won his first national recognition for his photography. His famous picture of a great horned owl won first place at the 1952 Kodak National high school photographic award. He couldn't have done this without the help of his mother who supported him since he was just a child. At age 10 his mother built a dark room in their basement so Bruce could practice making prints. Later, Davidson was drafted into the army where he was in charge of taking pictures of the war for the newspaper. His talent was recognized and he was asked to be the permanent photographer for the newspaper.

This is the picture of the owl Davidson used to win the Kodak National High School Photographic Award in 1952

Define what happened in their life that was significant? Memorable? An event that stands out?

Bruce Davidson started getting into photography when he was very young. This gave him an edge over all other photographers that didn't have as much experience as him. After he discovered his passion and talent for photography, he worked as hard as he could to improve his skills so he could use photography as a way to live his life. Other people also saw his talent with a camera. He became very sought after once his work got more publicity. After this he became very popular and started taking photos for a living. He also got more opportunities for his pictures. In the picture above you can see that he is taking a picture of this girl, but in the background you see the ocean. He was able to travel on a boat to the middle of the ocean to take a picture of this girl. This gives the picture a very nice background, and makes it a little more deep.

Explain the overall meaning of their artwork?

The purpose of Bruce Davidson's work was to really show as much as he could about a certain individual. He would take a picture that told a story about the person in the picture. In the picture above you can see white soldiers at the back of the bus with black people sitting in the seats. Since he lived during the civil rights movements, this piece depicts the inequality that took place during this time period. Even though there are no words explaining this picture, you can see the separation between the two races. There is a whole story about the relationship between these soldiers, who have been blessed to work for the government, and these people who have to ride the bus because they don't get the opportunities they need to make enough money to buy their own car.

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