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Hello there, I’m Michael. As I was growing up, like most kids, I didn’t really know what it is I wanted to do for a living. Although looking back now, it’s not a shocker that I landed in the profession of writing. You see, English is my second language. My parents are both immigrants from Poland. My father worked as a structural engineer designing wheelchair accessible ramps for the physically disabled. His work ethic allowed my mother the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and help me with my schoolwork. That was truly a blessing because I struggled in the area of comprehension. My father taught me, like designing a edifice, focus on the foundation before anything else. With that advice in mind and my mother’s encouragement for me to keep pushing through my limiting beliefs, I wouldn’t have found the ambition to continue learning. However with time, the assignments became easier as my skill level increased.

The genre of writing that I particularly enjoy is creative storytelling. It just comes naturally to me. I guess it was all those parables my mom used in breaking down lesson plans that inevitably became the source of inspiration. The majority of my work started there, but then evolved into using stories as a marketing means to ultimately generate revenue.

The transition happened while I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I was introduced to a gentleman that owned a leadership development company. He explained to me on how I can get compensated by reading books. The vast majority of the books were in the leadership and personal development genre. Up to that point in my reading experience, I didn't even entertain the thought of reading those types of books, but I did see the value they would bring in my life. We deal with people every single day of our lives. So, naturally, it just makes sense to get excellent at human relations.

For the past five years, the leadership self-directed education has opened many doors because of the invaluable knowledge I have learned on how to be an effective influencer. I continue to be a lifelong learner, and use the leadership platform as a way to grow myself personally as well as professionally.

My biggest motivation in life is to be constantly improving. If a task or project was easy to accomplish than I am clearly not pushing myself. I’m sure you have heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don't fix it." Wrong! If it’s not broken, then break it and rebuild it stronger. This is my mindset. We live in a global economy, and those who will thrive as oppose who will merely survive, will be based on the willingness and self-awareness that an individual's continual improvement is a crucial ingredient for success.

Understanding that the journey will be filled with peaks and valleys, it is imperative that you link arms with someone who is zealous enough to take the adventure with you. So what do you say partner? You ready to assault the hill today? Or should we just hunker down, make base camp, and try for the summit tomorrow? I’m ready when you are.

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Over the years, I picked up and developed a variety of skills. The following industries best summarize the areas I decided to hone my craft.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Below is each category broken down in further detail.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage is the name of the game. Nearly everyone is on social media and if you cast your nets wide enough you are bound to reel in some serious fish. In order for that to happen you can first start with people you know and built some credibility with. Regardless if these folks fit your target audience or not reach out to them anyways. They may know someone who can help you. Don’t be afraid to ask. Sometimes it just so happens that those thin threads can solidify the most healthy partnerships.

If you have exhausted your list and money is tight, there are still a variety of ways to utilize social media organically. For the sake of time, growth hacking, is one practical option. When writing an article that will soon be posted, make sure to pick the most relevant hashtags that are trending at that particular hour, day, or week. Also, if the post makes reference to a key industry influencer, make sure to tag them in the post. These men and women have ten of thousands of followers, some even have followers in the millions. So, why not tap into an already existing community of loyal fans that love reading on the subject you are writing about.

W.H.A.T? Project

WHAT is a Facebook Campaign page launched with the specific intent on educating people about the importance on how to identify, and seek out professional help whether you or a loved is suffering from a hearing impairment. The page is currently in the infancy stage and will be launched in the month of May because May is nationally known as Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Green Box Revolution Project

America is "One of the Richest Country in the World," and yet outside of that statement, nearly 55% of Americans would not be able to survive for two weeks if they lost their primary source of income. The Green Box Revolution is a financial education program that allows individuals the ability to connect to support community that helps people get rid of the consumer debt, make more money, and pay less in taxes. Click on my social media links to learn more about how to become part of the "Green Box" Revolution.

Branding,Copywriting & Content writing

Commercial or Educational? In other words, what is the objective? Commercial, meaning I want the person reading to buy a product or service. Whereas the latter is strictly to inform and educate the reader. Now, the most compelling content writing is a healthy mixture of both. First and foremost, know the demographic (Target Audience) but more importantly know the psychographics (Why does the demographic do things the way they do?). Copywriting with a emphasis on education followed later by a call to action works best. Consistency is vital. You must add a immense amount of educational value to the reader over time for them to trust you enough to eventually buy. Your mindset has to be, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must continue to persist with innovation. Here’s a recent sample.

This is an image is not scaleable to read. Please click links to read full samples!

Animation Video Script

This script was written with one main focus. That storytelling is the best strategy for the human heart. What I mean by this is that the target audience, in this case aspiring entrepreneurs, have felt the same frustrations that the main character is experiencing. I want them to say or think something along the lines of, “Yup, that’s me.” Once that pain point is exposed, the rest of the video shows on how the product relieves that pain.

Understand, the duration for most explainer videos ranges between 30 to 90 seconds for maximum effectiveness. However, this client wanted to showcase the versatility of his product. So by his request, I extended the script. In doing so, I collaborated painstakingly with the video designer on how to incorporate the new enhancements. Below is the finished product. Happy Viewing!

Phone Cold Calling Script

The sole purpose of writing this script was for the caller to book an appointment with a decision maker. In this case the decision maker was a c-suite executive. In order for that to happen, I literally had to project myself into the person who will be receiving the call. The entire call used particular words that aided in the psychology for a decision maker to agree to a meeting time. Worst case scenario, the person making the call will obtain a physical and/or email address to send over some sample products.

The way that I looked at it, every person being called on is tuned into the same radio station W.I.I. FM. (What’s in it for me?) so why not use that to strategically position yourself. Calling with this script is like bowling with the bumper rails. The only way you get a gutter ball is because you simply didn’t use it.

Emailing Script

When a cold call was screened, went to voicemail, or the person wasn’t even in the office, there was so much wasted effort and valuable time. After reviewing the data of cold calls and realizing that the conversion ratio was high once the decision maker was on the phone, I develop a cold email script to help in the initial interaction. The desired result of this script is to get a response. That’s it! Good, bad, or indifferent, the recipient needs to open the message and respond. Based on the response, the appropriate action steps would be taken to eventually book a virtual or face to face meeting .

Resume & Cover Letter Writing

When it comes to writing resumes, every situation was different. Based on the background, each person brings with them a unique set of skills. After a quick glance at their old resume and a brief interview on what type of employment the person is seeking, it was time to do market research. The research was simple. Find out what the biggest issues the employer is facing in the industry, and write the resume demonstrating the applicant's competency in solving those problems. If hard pressed to come up with examples for that particular job, then work related responsibilities from previous occupations were given to shed light on the applicant's problem solving capabilities.

Like script writing, the philosophy with cover letters is to have it written in story format. The letter was written to emphasize the focal points of why this candidate would be the best fit for the available position. Think of it as a highlight reel with a balancing act. You don’t want to come off as superhero. That doesn’t relate to everybody. Instead, writing on how past failures acted like a springboard that allowed for future success is fun and entertaining to read. People like rooting for the underdog. Especially, if you know that with their persistent attitude it’s only a matter of time before they end up winning. Would you want a person like that in your organization? I certainly would.

Personal, Professional, & Financial Development Education

According to the #1 Leadership Expert in the World, John Maxwell, leadership is simply influence. The next question therein lies how does one get good at influencing others? Just like in sports, you practice. There are a few key resources that one must have in order to increase the quality of results. Set a goal that you want to hit, and work backwards exercising the plan, do, check, and adjust (P.D.C.A) process.

In order to increase your capacity, we use a self-directed professional development curriculum that compounds your learning over time to make the greatest version of you. We swap out the weights, ab workouts, diet plans, running sprints, with audios, books, and seminars for you to get fully immersed into becoming a proficient influencer and master communicator.

Leadership Training

All great training regiments come with great trainers. The Corporate Leadership Curriculum is just that. It was designed by two of the top 50 INC magazine ranked leadership experts in the world, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. The basic premise of the program is to teach leadership the way that adults learns, small bit-sized chunks over information consistently applied over time. Like building a sculpted physique, increasing your mental capacity to handle more complexity will also take time and discipline to achieve. Everybody will be called upon to eventually lead in a certain area of their life. Will you be equipped to handle it?

Personal Development & Sales Training

Like fruit, if you’re not ripping than you’re rotting. Nothing in life stays stagnant. The changes may seem subtle but they are taking place whether you realize it or not. As is in the case of every “successful” person. They didn’t get there by accident. They had a well thought out and organized plan on how to accomplish their goals. Most people fail to take into consideration that accomplishing the goals is not the key to success. Certainly it plays a part, but more importantly, who you need to become in the process in order to accomplish your goal is the key ingredient.

Financial Development Training

There are really just two big mistakes people make with their finances. The first, spending when they should be saving. The second, saving when they should be investing. Think of it as playing sports. There's the defense, offense, and the rules of which the game is played. In the financial world, defense means shoring up your resources, budgeting, and eliminating consumer debts. Offense, referring to investing in your abilities to make more money, and the playing field is a basic knowledge of macro and microeconomics.
Networking Community's

Your network will determine your net worth. In business, it’s imperative that your sales pipeline is being filled. Now, you hope that the folks that work for you do their jobs and continue to provide a fresh list of prospective customers. But as a business owner, your attitude from day one has always been, “If it is meant to be, then it is up to me.” Attending networking events at the minimum of one a week or one every two weeks keeps is highly recommended. With the advent of technology there are many websites and phone applications that have events posted for you to choose from.

Since the most valuable resource you have is your time, choose wisely. Look at the agenda. Sometimes there will be a list of people who have RSVP'd for the event. Checkout their profiles. Are these the folks that can benefit from your product or services? Have a goal to speak with X number of people while at the event and obtain X number of business cards. My motto when attending networking events is, “Hurry up and get history with people.” Meaning, quality of conversations over quantity. Have fun and enjoy yourself. People do business with folks they know, like, and trust. Be that person.

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