Science By:Riley Goble

Rube Goldberg Machine:

In science I made a very good and fun project. The project was called a Rube Goldberg Machine. I made mine with a balloon. The process to make it was long and hard but at the end it turned out very good. The process was very tricky to get. You had to get all of the parts aligned so it can fall just right. All of the products I used to make it was either a late night trip to the store or just homemade things. It took about 2 hours and the supplies were scissors, paper, thick foam boards, glue, and a drill. Other little supplies were thumbtacks, string, balloons, and a piece of wood with a thumbtack glued to the end of it. When putting it all together was a long and precise experience. I have never done one of these projects before and it was very fun to do. At the end with the result all of my hard work really did pay off. When I presented I explained where the unbalanced force was and where the balanced force was. They I got to show off my hard work that was put into the project. First you put the marble in the drop off so the marble can go down the slanted toilet paper rolls then it when into another toilet paper roll with marbles and that made the thumbtack go up and pop the balloon. This project was very fun to do.


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