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The history of commedia Dell' arte

Commedia Dell'Arte originated In the middle Of the sixteenth Century. Ehd at Eighteen century. The earliest Professional ImprovIsational comedy Troupe was established In 1545 in Italy Baiduowa. This type of comedy has two big respectively: one is its impromptu elements, the other one is actors wearing face masks performed on stage. Commedia dell'Arte was invented by a female actor IsaBella Andrein.

In the way they performed they start at market and shop first. They aim is to attract the market customers to buy thung from there shop. Then many more character has been invent.

Three example of commedia Dell'arte characters

What is scenarios❓

Scenario mean the outline of the play or scence. The actor must improvise the performance on stage. All of these scenarios can be use anyone,there is no royalties.The commedia Dell'arte scenario collection has spans the super-trandition(for example like "La fortunata isabella) to the new to the modern time (such as The combat of the mask)

Example of scenarios in commedia Dell'arte ❗️

Here is one of the examples( taken from "La Fortunata isabella"act 1 : PANTALONE, ORAZIO and FLAVIO: learning from the two brothers how Graziano, their father, an old man, lives for the love of Franceschina, and how he is taking no part in helping them find wives to marry. Pantalone asserts soothingly that it’s been proven better to marry when old than when still in one’s youth. Flavio tells Orazio that he’s learned that they are both rivals for the same girl, and that his father has been keeping him at school so that he can get a degree instead of a wife. At last they ask Pantalone, as a friend of their father, to dissuade him from his silly undertakings with Franceschina, and they leave. Pantalone remains, begins to speak about the love he himself harbors for Franceschina;

Commedia Dell'arte stage setting

Lazzi ⁉️

Lazzi is the joke which is add into the performance in order to make sure that the comic actions keeps pace. The actor remember the Lazzi before going on performance. So they could use it when need.

Example of commedia Dell'arte Lazzi

Lazzo of Greeting

Pulcinella greets the Captain or another character with apparent reverence. “Son of Jove, new moon, twice the last name of Alexander!” Then, Pulcinella explains, “The son of Jove is Bacchus. Bacchus is a goat. The new moon is horned, and the last name of Alexander is Magno, which, when taken twice, becomes magno-magno. Thus the whole greeting becomes: ‘Manga-manga, becco cornuto!’” (Eat it up, eat it up, you horned goat <cuckold>)

Learning French Lazzo

The inamorata is learning French (or any other language) from an instructor, and every word which she is taught sounds like a swear word, appalling her. Shakespeare did this lazzo as a French woman learning English, offended at being taught words like 'foot' [foutre - fuck] and 'gown' [con - cunt.]

Lazzo of La Fontaine’s Fable

Using a mixture of Italian and French, Arlecchino manages to tell in a ridiculous and obscene manner the story of La Fontaine’s “The Miller, The Son and The Ass

Lazzo of Latin

The Doctor attempts to conjugate English words as if they are Latin (e.g. complaining he’s been attacked by “hoodla” instead of “hoodlums” or speaking of going “inside and exside.”)

Lazzo of the Foreign Language

Covielle (or any other Zanni) pretending to have met a foreign nobleman, quotes him by using made-up words or words associated with whatever culture the made-up nobleman is supposed to have come from. (“Dirka-dirka mohammed jihad!”) He then gives ridiculous and improbable translations for these phrases.

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