The Oreo Balls Rock Cycle Model By joscelyn

The rock cycle can a few pieces of particles to travel the world. And can have three different types of outcomes, Sedimantary, metamorphic and a igneous.
As a quick summary of what sedimentary rock is. A sedimentary is made when sediment particles are carry by wind, flowing or gravity. Then break down the rock to loose materials, which pressure can put back together, and create a new layer rock.
A metamorphic is a rock that has been change, by pressure and high heat. Which can be physical or chemical changes.
Igneous rock is magma that has been cooled. Sometimes gas bubbles can get trapped during the cooling process gives the rock holes.
I will only be doing the metamorphic rock cycle. And to help show it I will be making Oreo Balls as a model.
To make you need two packets of Orea, (8 ounces ) cream cheese softened and two packages of chocolate candy coating. White or regular it doesn't matter.
Just like how pressure is used to reform rocks, we used pressure to crush the Oreos.
Crush them until they look as the picture seem.
Then add the cream cheese to the already crush Oreos. Mix until fully mix.
After mixing, roll the mix into walnut size Balls, and put the roll mix into the freezer and let them sit there till the next day.
Melt the candy coving until completely liquified
Proceed to dip the balls in the chocolate, use the toothpick as a handle. Let dry



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