Earth,Seasons and Moon Project BY Sarah nelson

earth and moon in the seasons

Nile River- River in east Africa worlds longest river south of the equater

Nile River

Rotation-spining motion of the plants about its axis

Revolution-movement of an object around another object

Calendars- chart that show the days and mouths in a year


seasons- 4 seasons are causes by the tilt of the earth

Earths tilt-axis is tilted as it move around the sun

June- Northern summer Southern winter

December- Southern summer Northern winter

March-March Equinox

September-September Equinox

moon motion around earth and on its axis is that the moons orbit relates to earths plane of rotation

Phases- there are 8 phases of the moon

solar eclipses-the sun is gone is is blocked by the moon on earth

Lunar eclipse- the sun is blocking the moon

High tides-are tides that its a invisable layer that pull to the moon

Spring tide- A tide with the greatest difference between low and high tides

Neap tide- A tide with the lowest difference between low and high tides


Created with images by skeeze - "world earth planet" • Maatkare - "river nile egypt" • Meepness - Daniel C - "July 2010 Calendar" • rkramer62 - "Buck Creek - 4 seasons"

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