Britain's Future Now is not a political party.

We are a group raising awareness around important issues in the upcoming UK general election including: the NHS, education, wages, housing, social care.......

On June 8th, Britain will face the most important election of a generation. The outcome of this election will define the course for our country and public services.

This election is not just about Brexit. Many people in Britain are not happy. That's why they voted for change in the EU referendum.

Theresa May called a snap election to take advantage of the popularity she has as a leader, and the potential majority she could command to push through the Conservative agenda.

But some of the current government's decisions and policiesĀ are making people's lives harder. Whether it's health, education, work, benefits, disability. Britain's Future Now is about raising awareness of these crucial issues in our country.

This government's track record shows that their agenda is to reduce the role and spending of the government in public services and make it easier for business to make profits. This includes the potential privatisation of health and education services, removal of human and workers rights and less taxes for corporations and the richest. These government decisions will not unite, but destroy.

There are many issues which affect our great nation. But there is a feeling that there is no credible opposition who can take over. Whilst there are pros and cons to this argument, there is a danger in allowing one party dominate government at such a crucial time in our history. This is not just for us, but for our children.

Brexit is coming and it will have repercussions for generations. Theresa May's main selling point is that she provides "strong and stable" leadership for negotiations. It could be argued that the EU want us to have a bad deal, regardless of who is in charge. They want to prove a point that leaving the EU is bad. We have little leverage and experience to get a good deal. So they will do all they can to make sure we get screwed. There is not much we can do about it.

If we allow Theresa May and the Conservative Party to dictate the political landscape, we overestimate the impact she can have on the outcome of Brexit.

We have an important choice to make. It's about choosing the future Britain we want to live in.

We can build a strong and united Great Britain.

It's not too late. Vote for change on June 8.

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