Deformities in The Kite Runner Angelina torres

Limp, cleft lip, or missing toes and fingers, or anything, no matter what people will stare or make jokes and laugh. In "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini a novel about a boy with an unlikely friendship, set in a country thats about to be destroyed. Hosseini develops the story by using deformities to show physical and emotional scars to each of the characters in the story.

Getting called names isn't cool, neither is being treated like dirt, because of an illness that got to you. Ali is Baba's loyal servant, he's also Hazara, and also the "Father" of Hassan. "Ali had a congenital paralysis of his lower facial muscles, a condition that rendered him unable smile and left him perpetually grim-faced... But polio had left Ali with a twisted, atrophied right leg that was sallow skin over bone with little in between except a paper-thin layer of muscle." This illustrates that his illness caused him to limp and look like that. While he has this deformity, he's being taunted too. "Ali's face and his walk frightened some of the younger children in the neighborhood. But the real trouble was with the older kids. They chased him on the street, and mocked him when he hobbled by. Some had taken to calling him "Babalu" or "boogeyman."" This shows Ali is being taunted and called names by kids younger than him but he cant do anything about it. Overtime Ali has been tormented all because of an illness, but not all of it was about his deformity, its the fact that he was not Pashtun.

Being born with deformities can have a huge impact on your life. Hassan is Amir's servant, hes also hazara, and the father of sohrab. "And the cleft lip, just left of midline, where the Chinese doll maker's instrument may have slipped, or perhaps he had simply grown tired and careless." This conveys Hassan had a slight difference to his body, which made it a big difference based on who he is, a Hazara. "The swelling subsided, and the wound healed with time. Soon, it was just a pink jagged line running up from his lip. By the following winter, it was only a faint scar." This shows that Hassan got surgery to fix his cleft lip, so he wouldnt be taunted like his dad.

People stare, but war also make diformities to the innocent people. Farid ussed to have seven children, but now five due to a land mine explosion. "He lit a cigarette and tucked it between the remaining two fingers of his left hand, and the one resting on the steering wheel." This illustrates that he lost his fingers somehow. "He'd lost his two youngest girls a few years earlier in a land mine blast just outside Jalalabad, the same explosion that had severed toes from his feet and three fingers from his left hand." This shows that war is a danger to people and families with small children. Not only does war injury innocent lives, it also kills them.

in the novel, based on the three characters, deformities come in many ways; born with it, developed overtime, or blown off by war, either way no one should stare or make fun of anyone based on the way they look or walk.


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