Smart Gloves Marko Bankovic

Smart Gloves are designed to make every motorcycle rider easier to communicate with his phone device while riding.
Mission Statrment is to make every motorcycle riding more safe and comfortable
Vision of the company is to be World wide business that helps improving live of motorcyclist.
Target market are people who ride motorcycle both male and female.
Customers needs this product because is make ride safer and very practical to communicate while riding.
There is no other company using gloves technology what is the most simplest product.
Strength: innovation , simple and fun to use, useful, safer way of riding. Weaknesses: high price, if somebody is playing to much can be dangerous
Opportunities: new and revolutionary product, inovation. Threats: Bluetooth device like speaker in the helmet, new screens on the bikes which makes easier to control divices.
SWOT analysis summary: In SWOT analysis is the most important to keep as reel as posible if you want to make it good. My analysis shows that i have some competition that I need to be aware of, but overall it shows that idea is good and I should keep going.
Conclusion: The Idea to make "Smart Gloves" is good business idea because is innovative. It will be the revolutionary product as we believe which is going to change the way of riding motorcycle bikes.

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