My grandma was born and grew up in sewerd Nebraska. She was born on October 28th 1960.

Her mom and dad are Dawn , and Asenath. She had four brothers and one sister Mark, Jerry, Steve, Mike, and Lori.

Her childhood was normal and so was her school life.

Her hobbies are fishing during the summer and golfing in her free time.

Her first job was a cashier. She currently works as a manager at the Elwood Market.

Her best friend as a kid was named Sandra and she liked babysitting as a kid

Her favorite subject in school was math because she enjoyed learning math and it was easy for her

She attended college at Mid-Plains Community College. She went to college to be an accountant.

As a kid she had three pets a bird, a cat, and a dog. The dogs name was mason, the birds name was Jake, and the cats name was cinnamon.

She has never traveled outside of the U.S. She has traveled to arazona, California, South Dakota, Oaklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. She plans to go on a vacation out of the U.S. some day.

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