Digital imaging by nicole sharp

i added three different images together to make this photo, it was pretty simple just had to make the two different layers.
this image was made up of three images put together, after adding the layers i had to make them masked layers and then bring down the opacity so that you could still slightly see the pupil through the image to give it a creepy look to it.
this image has three different images combined, i had to bring in the images into other layers and this rub out the bits that wasn't needed to fit into the wind screen i had to do this by making it a mask layer.
this image is a combination of three different images to make a unique photo i had to make two layers and one a masked layer to rub out some of the sky to fit it in the image.
this image is a combination of 4 images to make a different but unique look to go with the theme, i had to cut out each subject and place them in a different layer to make it look like they're all standing on the bench.

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