Identity: Apple got its name from the food being in Steve Jobs, the owner of the company's, diet.

Name: Which is also why the logo is an apple.

Colors: The first logo is showing Isaac Newton when an apple fell on his head. The second is a rainbow because Steve Jobs wanted to "humanize" the company with colors. They went for a more neutral color for some of the colors of their products, the rainbow looked silly. Black didn't show up on some of the products so they went for silver.

Brand Makeovers: The first logo wasn't very recognizable so they went for an actual apple. They needed a change so they put colors and the third and fourth didn't work with their products.




Identity: Share photos and videos with friends.

Name: Instagram got its name because it is instant.

Colors: The first logo was too dull so they changed it to a more vibrant and colorful looking one to catch peoples eyes.

Brand Makeover: Instagram changed its logo to make it more of a simple looking camera and colorful.




Identity: Subway was known for making fresh subs right in front of you. And is also known to be one of the healthier fast food restaurants.

Name: The name came from the food they make, subs, and the way they make them. Right in front of you.

Colors: The yellow and green are meant to be healthier colors because a lot of vegetables.

Brand Makeover: Subway says their new logo looks more 'fresh' than before. They also said they just needed to switch it up.



Extending Brands

Under Armour extended its brand to hunting as well. They now sell hunting products.

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