Footstep Fever My favorite realisation was that I’m a traveller.

...And Vienna was like another friend..

Nerves hadn’t settled yet; this was my first hostel experience. A complete solo traveller, no more relying on airbnbs where I could stay by myself or with a known friend.

Thrusted in a room with varying cultures, my “extrovertedness” was tested.

Initially walking inside my dorm, I remember, I was scared. What if they don’t like me? Will I be seen as the stereotypical American? How can I hide that part of myself?

I was ready to hide my roots to make a friend.

Soon, I’d realize hiding my Americanness was naive. Just being “Angela,” the awkward, clumsy, joke-loving, caffeine obsessed cultural addict kind of woman was enough.


And long behold, the rest of my days in Vienna were of castle-hopping and chatter leaving me in tears from laughter with my good friend (*name hidden*) from Brazil.

I’ve learned making friends while solo traveling isn’t dreading having to say “I’m American,” or needing to be the most outgoing, extroverted personality in the room.

Friends & I

Always trying to be the most extroverted personality became exhausting. At times, it felt like I had to be “on” all the time. To be an attracting personality to make friends. However, travelling for long periods, I realized I needed a break. Contrary to my personal assumption of how to meet people, during these “rest periods” at local coffeeshops, I met some incredible friends.

While several believe this myth of solo travelling being lonely & hard to make friends, I can say, that’s all it is. A myth, a false assumption. Because I’ve never met as many incredible people, while feeling overcrowded from laughter and experiences shared among others than I have while solo travelling.

When I stopped being the person I thought people wanted to be around all the time, I started making more friends.

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