George Washington Williams Brayden


  • October 16 1849


  • His birthplace is Yorkville, South Carolina

Childhood/Teen Facts

  • He was a good officer and a Soldier in the NAVY.

Adulthood facts

  • He was a US NAVY officer and he was working on Minister, Historian, Lawyer, Journalist in the US NAVY.

Fact about why they are famous

  • What are 3-5 facts about what made your African American famous?He was famous because he had good rules and laws when he think of the laws and rules.He was famous because he was a Soldier, Minister,Historian,Lawyer,Journalist.He was a good Soldier in the US NAVY and a good officer in the US NAVY.

When did George W. Williams

George Washington Williams died in August 1, 1891, Charleston, South Carolina, his funeral is at Blackpool and the United Kingtom.

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