Harn Meusum of Art By Curtis Stump

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

These two pieces are what caught my attention the greatest when exploring the museum. The painting on the left is a painting of Pachinko Parlor by Jacquette. It may be hard to see in the photo but this painting really pops. It utilizes the three dimensions very well. A picture of this painting looks flat. However, in person there are parts of the painting that sticks out farther than others and it makes the painting pop. Also the colors are really elegant in person and you can easily see the color contrast. This painting was really good because it takes you into the setting and makes you feel that you are truly in Tokyo. The sculpture on left is the Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters by Audrey Flack. Again in person this sculpture is alot better. You truly get the full 360 view of the piece. To me this piece really spoke to me because it truly conveyed how people think of the divine and how they see them. The goddess is standing in a very elegant and powerful stance showing her power. Both these pieces impacted me a lot more seeing it in person.

Design of the Museum

The design of the museum was excellent and helped portray the art well. On the left is a picture of outside space utilized by the museum. There was artwork outside too. This was an interesting set up because typically artwork is inside, however, here you could feel more connected with the art because you are more in nature. Also all the lighting came naturally from the sun which was interesting. Outside was the most comfortable setting in the entire museum and was my favorite place to be in the entire museum. On the right is the picture of a particular art set up in the museum. This was an interesting set up because it is a good use of space. Instead of the artwork just being around the outside of the room it spices it up and puts art on display in the center of the room. This is good because you are only steps away from artwork at all times. The lighting in this room was suburb and I never needed to squint. Overall the set up of the museum was unique and I have never seen something quite like it, however, it definitely played a positive role in experiencing the artwork.

Art and Core Values

This is piece of art called Frida at ABC Hospital Sketching. This photo appeals to so many of my core values and has such a deeper meaning that what it appears at first glance. The core values most described in this photo are perseverance and fidelity. Perseverance is clearly shown how the person in the hospital is still sketching and doing what she loves. Even though it would be easier and more comfortable to just lay there she is doing what she loves. Perseverance is important in my life because it is how to grow most as a person. Sometimes life and people want you to fail but if you put your head down and persevere you can get through any obstacle and achieve any goal you desire. The other value is fidelity, this is shown by the man right by her side. Even though he would be more comfortable at home he is by the people he cares about and staying loyal and faithful by being by her side. Fidelity is important to me because having a support system is crucial. There will be times in life when you need help and need to lean on someone. So having family or friends who will always be there for you is important in life. This was the most significant piece of art I saw here

Art and the Good Life

This painting really stuck out to me as a painting that embodies and shows the Good Life. The painting is titled Street Scene, Market Place by Jonas Lie. The scene depicts immigrants in a New York City scape. The reason why this feels like the good life to me is everyone seems to be enjoying life. They are immigrants and not rich and living frivolous life but they are happy how there life is currently going. They are all talking to each other and enjoying each others company. To them this is much more important than being absurdly rich. For them having each other and being outside on a nice sunny day is all they could ask for. This painting displays the good life outside of materialistic aspects. It relies on the important aspects of the good life, friends, family, and the pursuit of happiness.

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