Martin Luther Sin or sinner?

By: Hunter Sarsfield

Bible vs Vernacular

The Bible started out in the language of Latin. As time moved on, people began to forget Latin and didn't understand the reading. Luther was requesting that the Bible should be translated to the vernacular of the land. At first the church denied this request because they believed that the Bible should be in its original form. The Catholic church saw Luther as a sinner for going against the church and requesting to translate the Bible to the vernacular, when it should be in its original language.

On the other hand, for the same these, Luther is know to be a saint for his request because his influence eventually changed the church's ways and they translated it to the vernacular, which let the people understand and interpret the Bible in their own way. This started different branches of Catholic churches for the future.

Indulgences worth their price?

With the Medici pope in power he needed money for the church. What other way of gaining money than scamming the common people. He made he common people buy their indulgences rather than earn them. This was against Luther's beliefs because he believed that people should not pay for the indulgences that they should be earned. He was a sinner according to the church because he was trying to get rid of the church's income. The church sees Luther as someone who is tking away their power and money.

At the same time, Luther is known as a saint, because his influence eventually ended the payment for indulgences. He had made followers who supported his ideas which helped revolt against the indulgence issue.

Power is giving to who again?

Martin Luther

Martin Luther disagreed with the idea of a clergy running the church with all its power. He believed the Pope did not have power. That god was the only one with the power and was just sending and receiving messages from God to spread to the common people. The church thought of him as a sinner because Luther was challenging the power of the clergy and the Pope, which was not safe to do. The Pope had all the power and it takes guts to question his authority.

Martin Luther is also known as a Saint for questioning his authority. He gained followers who supported his ideas, which created new branches of Catholic churches to this day. The power is invested in different people based on the kind of church. Now people have the chance to choose what type of Catholic they want to be thanks to Martin Luther.

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