Good Life Tour of the Harn allison bauer

TECHNIQUE OF THE ARTIST: The first artwork that caught my eye was one of the first three paintings in the museum among a yellow-colored exhibit. This particular picture I included was with an amazing, modern painting. In the picture it is difficult to capture the creativity of the painting but this painting stuck out to me because of the yellow color scheme and texture of the paint on the canvas. It communicated the free spirit of the artist, Hiram Williams, in his work. His artwork made me feel like its possible for even me to create my own art.

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: I particularly liked the African themed exhibit of the museum. This exhibit was interesting because it had an assortment of forms of art. These forms ranged from pictures to paintings to videos to doll representations, like the one I took a picture with. This exhibit made me feel the vibrations of the African lifestyle through the colors of the material on the doll's outfits, to the videos of the happiness of the dancing. I appreciated the arrangement of this exhibit because it was interactive and interesting.

ART AND CORE VALUES: This statute appealed to me because the first thing I thought when I saw it was "balance". Especially in college, balancing all of my classes with clubs and my social life and my health can sometimes get difficult, but the skill of being able to balance is what makes us college students successful. This statue instilled in my the inspiration of the possibility of balance in everyday life.

ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: When I saw this statue in the modern American art section, the colors and interesting shape immediately made me think of the good life. The ability of the different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes all coming together to create this beautiful art symbolized to me the ability of our lives to come together and achieve the good life from so may different people and experiences. I appreciated this because it also connects back to the theme of balance in my previous artwork and how different things can come together to create something beautiful. This is a lesson that is so important as we live in a society of change and progression, and we must be open to all the possibilities of our lives.


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