Greece Elizabeth sciarabba

I flew to Greece from Raleigh NC. It look about 11 hours. The cost for transportation all together was about $1,500
I stayed at the Villa Renos hotel. The cost was $150 a night.
Once in Greece, I walked or called a taxi which was about $15
For breakfast I ate fruit with greek yogurt and granola. (free at the hotel)
For lunch I had Gyro with a salad on the side. $7
For dinner I had Manestra, a traditional greek dish. $11
For dessert I had a greek cheesecake with berries. $6
Day 1 - toured beaches $70
Day 2 - toured cities (free)
Day 3 - Shopped and walked around (free)
Day 4 - rested
I met Marlee Matlin. We ate lunch together and talked about growing up Deaf.
Flew back home to Raleigh, NC.


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