GEORGIA by james brodski

Ironically, the language spoken in Georgia is Georgian and the currency used is called Lari.

The government in Georgia involve a semi-presidential representative democratic republic with a multi-party system.

The economy of Georgia is an emerging free market. It’s gross domestic product fell sharply following the collapse of the Soviet Union but recovered in the mid-2000's, growing in double digits thanks to the economic and democratic reforms brought by the peaceful Rose Revolution.

The population of Georgia is approximately 10.1 million.
The main exports in Georgia are copper ores, hazelnut, wine, crude oil, medicine, nitrogen fertilizers, and ferry alloys. The main imports in Georgia are medicine, refined petroleum, cars, copper ore, and wheat.

The culture is Georgia is very unique. It has monumental architecture, unique traditional music and colorful dances, world-renowned cinema, theater and art combine to give the country, and its hospitable and gracious citizens, a strong sense of national identity.

Georgia is known for it's high levels of unemployment, bad education, transportation, and criminal justice.

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By James Brodski

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