Domain Eukarya Classification and taxonomy

All animals are heterotrophs

All animals are multicelluar

All animals are motile at some point in their lifetime

They are all part of kingdom Eukarya

Some animals reproduce sexually and some reproduce asexually

Some animals are hermaphrodites meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs

many insects and arachnids have a hard exoskeleton

All reptiles are ectotherms

all mammals are endotherms

Many organisms use camouflage or mimicry to survive

Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Plantae

All plants are autotrophs

Plants are nonmotile

all plants can perform photosynthesis

Plants can reproduce sexually and asexually

Plants are all multicellular

plants can have numerous forms of defense for example the spines or needles on a cactus or the foul odor of certain types of flowers

Some plants are also carnivorous as another form of acquiring nutrients due to poor soil conditions

some plants have unique ways of spreading their seeds such as a dandelion having its seed pods blow away in the wind

Unlike animals they require carbon dioxide to function and perform things like photosynthesis

Plants can be terrestrial and or aquatic

Kingdom Fungi

Fungi are heterotrophs

All mushrooms are fungi but not all fungi are mushrooms

Fungi are nonmotile

Mushrooms are the reproductive parts of most fungi

Fungi come in all different shapes and sizes

There is a fungus that is able to take over ants and spreads its spores by killing the host and bursting out

Fungi are non-vascular organisms

Fungi store food as starch

Spores are their gametes

Fungi have a cell wall made of chitin

Kingdom protista

Protists are a unicellular organism

protists can be autotrophs and heterotrophs

protists are motile

Some protists have flagella which allow movement

Algae is one of the few protists that are autotrophs

Protists reproduce asexually

There is a surprising amount of variation

Some like algae are multi-cellular if the become a colony

Some have cell walls

some do not have cell walls


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