Bobby the robot Process/Journal of creating Bobby

The seating layout in our group make the group more effective as it makes communicating easier with each other and as shown here both people can split the steps from the book and help each other if needed.
All these steps have been completed on 10/05. Through this I learnt how to read the numbers and letters on the plates and how to put the Rivets in.
After another a double lesson we have made a lot of progress completing the batteries and power board they have been attached together.
All these steps have been completed on 15/05. Through this I learnt how to tell my left and right by combining the joints.
By May 17 we had finished, however, the joints did not reach the plate so next lesson we planned to fix the problem.
The problem was fixed by taking out the battery boxes and the plate was moved one forward. 18/05
All these steps have been completed on 18/05. Through this I learnt how to tell which way batteries go in, + and -.

The building of the robot has been completed. The programming Bobby has started on 22/05.

There were several problems and difficulties that were encountered during the process of creating Bobby: 1. Construction- the plate did not reach the other plate which supposed to join together, however this problem was effectively solved by fitting the joints in one forward. 2. The Battery wire was put in the wrong volt and prevented the robot from working even after it was programmed. The batteries and other wires were also observed and they were manipulated and were correct. After the Battery wire was in the right spot the robot programmed again worked as should. 3. The USB cable did not work and was manipulated then replaced with another one that was confirmed to work. 4. The wrong port was also selected when programming, this was fixed when an error message came up and the port was checked then replaced and tested.

On 25/05 to 29/05 the robot could draw circles, straight lines, squares and varies other shapes just by attaching a pencil on the front and adjusting it a few times. Through this I learnt, the wheels were skidding so the shapes drawn were not perfect.

On 29/05 we programmed Bobby again and changed the pivot and stand by time. I learnt that the changes in time prevented the skidding and the shapes drawn by Bobby after programming were more accurate.

On 01/06 we programmed Bobby again because one wheel was not moving. We changed all of the times to experiment what would happen. We observed the lights of the motor were not flashing so they were not working

For the next lessons (05-07/06) we took apart Bobby and tried the motors on another groups robot just to confirm the motors were not working and we can substitute the motors, however the motors were working on their robot. We realized that the problem was something else and our estimation was wrong. So we put it together again and are still trying find the fault.

When Bobby was reopened and half way closed.

On 12/06 we also eliminated the first CM 530 just to confirm that was the intermittent fault. However Bobby still didn't move. We found the fault was in fact, with programming . This was solved by repeating the programming process of downloading the e- manual again. This problem occurred because we changed the times of stand- by etc. this confused Bobby and the CM 530 stop operating immediately. We estimated the the to be constructional but it was actually technical.

Bobby is now operating perfectly.
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Gagandeep Kaur

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