Welcome to the GJFD Classroom! 2nd-5th Grades

How to Use This Lesson Plan

Let's Read a Story!

Before the Story

Make a prediction! What do firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics, do? (This can be done as individuals, a think-pair-share, or a large group activity.)

A KWL (know, want to know, learned) chart is a great tool for students to use exploring the story, game, word sort, and history. It also builds a foundation for writing GJFD a letter under the extension activities!

Math & Language Extension

  • If four people work on a fire truck, two on an ambulance, and two in a helicopter, how many people are working on this page?
  • Ask students to explain who is at each emergency and why.
  • Ask students to explain why firefighters do other jobs besides fight fire.

After the Story

Re-visit predictions, were they in the story? Are there things they can add to their list of what firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics do?

Would firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics help with:

  • People that are sick and hurt
  • Animals that are in danger
  • Car accidents
  • Inspecting buildings to make sure they have smoke detectors
  • Rescuing people that get hurt hiking
  • Cleaning up dangerous chemicals
  • Chores at the fire house

Let's Play a Game!

Calling 911 is not a game, but learning when to call 911 can be!

There is a big difference between problems and emergencies. Recognizing when 911 is the right tool is a foundational tool for all community members.

Play the video below for instructions

Practice Calling 911

Around 4 or 5 years of age, children should be learning their full name, address, and phone number. BUT, if you don't use it, you lose it. It's not uncommon for older students to forget these things.

This is part of the When to Call 911 game, but can be used independently to teach the single concept.

Use this tool to discuss what is and is not an emergency.

You can give students scenarios to call 911 for and have them practice.

Home Safety Patrol

This activity supports fire safety at home: checking for detectors and making an emergency plan. If homes do not have enough detectors, GJFD will reach out to the family and get them the resources they need.

With the printable form, you as a teacher or parent can email them to GJFirePIO@gjcity.org

Extension Ideas

Word Sort: More on how GJFD helps the community

Explore the tools, vehicles, and emergencies that firefighters and EMTs can help with!

Critical thinking & Writing: Write GJFD a letter!

Have something you want to share? Is there a question you just have to know the answer to? Write us a letter and we’ll write you back!

Concentration, reading, process skills

Check and fix the detectors in the Safety Patrol Home! (online or smart board game)

Can you find all the dangers in the house? (printable)

Arts, crafts, fine motor skills

Writing and History Extensions

What did dalmatians do to help firefighters? Why don't dalmatians work with firefighters today?
Pretend you are a firefighter from the past that visits a modern fire station. What would you like? What would you dislike?
"Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom." -Robert F. Kennedy What made the Chicago fire a tragedy, and what wisdom did we gain from it?